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Grants & Student Loans Available to Those Who Qualify. Go to: FAFSA.gov ... PTT School code is 042213 ... Call 215-381-9403 to Get Started, get a 6 Months Education, Job Placement & More

Automotive Training & Repair

Both grants and Federal guaranteed financial aid is available. Go to FAFSA.gov ... PTT school code is 042213 ... See you soon!

By the program's end, our automotive students are trained to maintain, repair, and trouble-shoot cars and trucks. You'll train to repair engines, breaks, alignments, axles and so much more!

Tech Training: Today's leading repair garages look more like computer labs than auto repair shops. We train you to use computers to diagnose and solve engine and alignment problems.

You'll receive: $2,500 in tools to keep, your PA State Inspection & Emissions Licenses, the ability to repair domestic & foreign cars, write work orders, diagnosis cars, help employers be profitable and quality correct, impact growth and job security on day one.

Welding Technology and Training Program

The focus of our Welding Technology and Training Program is on technical knowledge, industry standards,trouble-shooting skills, occupational safety, and computerized systems training for “green-collar” jobs in today’s high-tech manufacturing companies.


We provide quality instruction and hands-on training at our Philadelphia training facility. Financial Aid is available to students who qualify. Visit ptt.edu for more information:


  • MIG – Metal Inert Gas
  • TIG – Tungsten Inert Gas
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Fabrication
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Sheet Metal Arc Welding
  • Resume Writing, Interviewing
  • Job Placement Assistance


Manufacturing & Automation

Grants and Federally guaranteed student loans are available now. Go to FAFSA.gov ... Our school code is 042213 ... See you soon!

By graduation, our students are trained manufacturing technicians who are prepared to maintain, program, and repair industrial robots and machinery.

Tech Training: Our teachers are industry engineers with extensive work experience. They'll train you to work with advanced manufacturing equipment like robotics, programmable controls, single and three phase wiring, hydraulics, and more.

You'll receive: Certifications in OSHA Safety, workplace math and communication instruction, and best of all, job placement mentors! You will be able to fix equipment, diagnosis and repair machinery, increase quality and start saving companies money.

Hands-On, Real World Career Education to Technology Driven Employment and Growth

PTT's 6 month programs educates students to be work-ready it our hands-on education. The school's 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is designed to provide hands-on technical training to its students. Field technology is not the subject of slide-shows at the PTT School. Instead, students are expected to interact daily with the technology they'll find in the workplace.

Our Automotive students use field technology like Hunter Hawkeye Alignment Machines, All Data & Mitchell vehicle software, six two-post lifts, Dynometers, and On-Board Diagnosis Scanners.

Our Manufacturingstudents use work-place technology like electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, robotics, and programmable logic controllers. By the program's end, students are entry level trained to maintain, repair, trouble-shoot, and install equipment in manufacturing plant operations.


Exciting News

HILADELPHIA (CBS) – A tiny tech school in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia is growing so fast, they’re hoping to leap into a bigger space to serve more students in undeserved communities.

Located on at the intersection of Ogontz Avenue and Washington Lane — the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute puts every inch of its 10,000 square feet to use.

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About PTT:

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In these turbulent and uncertain economic times, education programs ought to focus on finding their graduates jobs. Over two (2) years ago, PTT School was founded on this exact philosophy. PTT School was created by (Sherman McLeod) a Drexel University graduate who believes in our youth, family, and community building.

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Student Loans

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At the PTT School your education is an investment that will repay itself within the first few months out of school. Your investment will pay off many times over afterwards. Your technology education will have additional benefits because employers want to retain talented technicians. So expect to get

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Automotive Repair

What's better than working with your hands all day repairing a busted suspension, brake system, exhaust component or an electrical problem, and then going home with the satisfaction that you put that vechile back on the road? Nothing, …except getting paid great money

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Have you ever imagined what working in the future might look like? I bet you probably imagine it including computers, robot-helpers, and laser sensors. In our 10 week manufacturing program, the future comes alive at the PTT School. You will be the Automated Technician or

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At PTT we provide six (6) months of quality Automo…

At PTT we provide six (6) months of quality Automotive Technology Training in the following areas

At PTT we provide Six (6) months of quality Automotive Technology Training in the following...

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PTT’s Value Proposition

PTT’s Value Proposition

In an environment of high un-employment or high under employment, the public is seeking...

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The school encourages expansion of services to its students and faculty that underpin the...

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Philadelphia Technician Training has emerged as a …

Philadelphia Technician Training has emerged as a workforce development school

Philadelphia Technician Training has emerged as a workforce development school (licensed by the State...

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Customized Training

PTT.edu Customized TrainingPTT School offers year-round customized training courses through its technology center based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our customized

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PTT.edu  Employers

We've found that the best way to ensure our students have jobs by graduation is to build strong coalitions with Philadelphia employers. The only way to keep these

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PTT.edu BlogCheck out our Manufacturing Training programs. The PTT School will customize either Internet or hands-on industrial skills training for you or your

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Contact Us

PTT.edu Contact Us PTT is your Automotive or Industrial manufacturing School in PA. Come is our Auto Tech School, Our Manufacturing & Industrial Tech School and learn how we can train you to become

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  • Automotive Technology
  • Advanced Automation & Manufacturing Technology
  • Welding

Is Ptt.edu accredited and licensed?

Yes. The school was accredited by the Middle States Association of Schools in October of 2012? Ptt.edu

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How long will it take to complete my training?

It takes 10 weeks to complete your Career Diploma Program.

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The PTT mission is to create a challenging technology based learning environment that encourages a student to endeavor high success at work and in life. PTT’s development-appropriate technical instruction permits for individual differences and learning styles that allows a student to acquire the technological skills that open the door to securing long-term employment in diverse industries. Our school promotes a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment. In addition, PTT strives to have our students, faculty, and community members actively engaged in students’ career development and their pursuit and acquisition of employment opportunities.

In an environment of high un-employment or high under employment, the public is seeking faster learn-to-work cycles beyond traditional schools. Students are demanding programs that allow real-world, hands-on, instructor lead courses that get them employment to sustain their families in technology careers. 

PTT has created the first school in the country where it can get students trained in our 10/10 program where it utilizes a highly skilled staff to get students trained in high technology jobs in 10 weeks and at 10 of the normal cost to educate and train participants.

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