5 Reasons To Join A Manufacturing Trade School.

Are you thinking of a skilled trade? There are some factors to consider. If you are inclined towards manufacturing and automation, you can consider becoming a manufacturing electrician. What makes electricians a widespread trade? How do become electricians? You can join an electrician apprenticeship program.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should join a trade school that offers manufacturing training and an electrical technician program.

1. Lesser Program Fees Compared to Years of University Debt

Did you know the US has a mind-blowing $1.6 Trillion in student loan debt? Forbes. “Student loan debt is the second-highest consumer debt category, behind only mortgage debt. As a result, many college graduates regret taking it in the first place and have to spend the next 10-15 years paying it off. You can avoid this nightmare by becoming an Industrial Electrician.

It’s high time that we change our education outlook about colleges among the Millennials. Skill is the key, And Skilled Trade is one of the highest thriving industries which has been overlooked for more than a decade. Thus, with the skills gap & shortage of workforce, Now is the time to join the Skilled Trade Industry! Even the Fortune 500 companies have expressed that they do not care about college degrees and hire employees with the correct skillset.

You can complete a 6-month training program before apprenticeship that teaches you hands-on education, and you can also have a chance to earn while you learn.

2. Benefit of Career Services for Apprenticeship Jobs After Education

Opting for a pre-apprenticeship Manufacturing Electrical training program comes with the best career service benefits as Employers do not want to waste their time providing training and then hiring. Trade Schools have the advantage of having years of employer relationships which helps their students acquire desired jobs and competent salaries by the end of their graduation. On the other hand, they hire the already skilled labor directly from a well-known institute.

The career services department at Philadelphia Technician Training Institute determines that the students have a rewarding career in their profession by teaching them interviewing skills, resume writing, and interview preparation.

Training for Manufacturing Automation Electrician at Philadelphia Technician Training Institute.

3. Electrician is One Trade That Pays the Best

A good education pays a good salary. Along with the High Demand for their services, Manufacturing Electrician has one of the highest-paid trades. The median pay for Electricians is $56,180 per year ($27.01 per hour). However, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, it can go higher based on their career advancement.

However, Money shouldn’t be the only factor in pursuing Industrial Electrical Training. One should also consider their passion & interests.

4. High Demand for Electricians in the USA & Networking Opportunities

The Job Outlook for Industrial Electrician Trade in the USA is High. The USA government predicts a steady demand of 8% for electricians, much higher than other occupations. Hence, it is one of the best reasons to choose Electrical Training from an excellent certified Manufacturing Electrician school.

The construction sector has been growing across the nation, so employment for electricians will grow over the coming years. You can do different types of work in multiple industries like the solar industry and automation. Even if you move outside of any state, for example, Pennsylvania, the certification will be considered valid, and you can move to any State for Electrician work after Electrical technician training.

5. Electricians are Considered a Decent Job, and You Can Even Start Your Own Business After Training

After 6 months of Electrical Training, you can even start your own business to take different jobs directly and work towards it. The Manufacturing Electrician Training Institute also teaches its students how to work independently after gaining training just after 18 years and within six months. You need a high school diploma or a similar degree to get started.

One of the best aspects of choosing Manufacturing Electrical training is networking; you can interact and learn more from industry experts and make contacts helping you be a part of this industry. In addition, you’ll never get bored of a manufacturing electrician job. There are every day new tasks & challenges in work.

Check out the Manufacturing Automation Electrician School in Philadelphia.  It provides hands-on training and can help you get a little push in your career as a manufacturing electrician. Contact us here or Call on 215-381-9403!

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