Reasons to get welding education and certification

Welding education has been gaining popularity for quite some time now. A welder joins 2 metal components to produce a final product, which requires the proper skill set. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a Welder in the USA is $40,240. On the other hand, the fee for welding education is minimal. And the projection is that the industries combined can employ over 4,00,000 welders.

Significant to be skilled in multiple welding processes

Various welding techniques range from fundamental to advanced technologies. Such as Gas Welding, SMAW/STICK (Shielded Metal Arc Welding), GTAW/TIG (Gas Tungsten Arc & Tungsten Inert gas), and FCAW (Flux Cored Arc Welding). You are supposed to learn all those main Welding techniques that only a certified well-known welding training school can teach. Welding is a career that can have value in different industries. Various industries use other welding techniques. Hence learning all the primary welding techniques is essential to get the desired Job. A Certified training institute gives you the training required for Advanced skills in the industry.

Welding Education makes you Job Ready

Welding Technology Institutes provides a welding certification program and Hands-on training practice that helps you prepare for the industry within a few months. To become Job ready and enter the job market, you need technical, resume writing, communication skills, team player, and interviewing skills that a good welding school can teach. In addition, a good Welding institute also offers other skills like Math skills, blueprint reading, Pipe Welding, and Fabrication crucial for a Professional Welder in a well-known organization.

Welding Education makes you Job Ready

Theoretical as well as Practical Hands-on Education

A Formal Education in Welding from a welding vocational school teaches practical hands-on training, math skills, and classroom training as required, which is essential to employment as a professional welder in any industry. This increases your chances of getting hired as the companies do not require you to provide you with on-the-job training. Thus companies look to hire resources who are already trained and are good at welding. Traditional 4-year colleges provide mostly theoretical education, making it difficult for the students to find employment even after acquiring a degree; skilled trade is one of the best options for high schoolers looking to start earning quickly within a few months of training.

Trained for safety precautions

Students in a welding certification program also undergo training for shop safety and essential precautions. Welding is a job that involves risk and can be hazardous at times when not done correctly or when people do not take the proper precautions. Hazards can be gas, vapors, electrical danger, radiations of ultraviolet rays, or combustible gases. Adequate Training in welding can help prevent these dangers.

Employers require already trained and skilled Welders

Employers are directly hiring trained professional welders rather than consuming their time, money, and resources to train someone and pay them. Instead, they employ skilled welders who have already acquired certified training. While employers cannot find skilled workers due to the skills gap, more tradespeople are retiring every year than getting hired. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity to consider a career in welding.

Trade School also provides career services that benefit students to get the desired jobs because employers seek professional welders from a trade school.

Hence a Welding School is worth the investment!

Where you can get the SKILLS

Philadelphia Technician Training Institute provides the best skills as the best welding school in Philadelphia. This training meets the industry demand for a certified welder who does training to a level of competency as per the standards required in the welding industry; also, the instructors have years of industry experience and can mentor students correctly.

Where you can get the SKILLS

PTTI uses advanced technology like Virtual Reality to reduce the training time, and students can have a real-life experience from the beginning of the program. They also provide essential business skills for you to become an expert, and you can also open your own business.

You are exposed to more opportunities and become a welder, welder assistant, or fabricator by attending the training.

Certifications Importance

Welding training programs of completion are provided to each student who has completed a welding course. This Certification/diploma can be used to show prospective employers evidence of program completion, several hours, and obtaining the right skills for a successful career ahead.

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