6 In-demand Welding Jobs for 2022

As a basic welder, the income is pretty decent, but it is not the most lucrative of careers. With an annual income ranging from $30,000 – $60,000 relying on experience, it is a job that will pay for you a reasonable life, but you won’t be stacking away the protection or buying a second home on this income. Of course, not everyone has aspirations of becoming rich. But if you already have the abilities and you retain a desire to maximize your earning ability, there are various highest paying welding jobs that can earn you six-figure incomes. To get to the prime of the pay scale for welding, it will require specialization and years of knowledge, but you can attain your dreams of a highest paying welding job with any of the subsequent choices.

Rig Welder

Rig welders are about the highest-paid welders all around the world. They labor long and hard hours and they have the most developed education and capabilities. If they make a blunder, it is going to be convulsive, so companies only employ the best of the best for these roles.

You will need years of knowledge and numerous certificates before corporations will even contemplate you for the job. Rig welders are often anticipated to perform hyperbaric welding, underwater welding, and welding repair of all various types on offshore oil rigs at ocean.

Some rig welders may drift to and from their worksite on helicopters everyday. More inclined though, you will be residing on the rig for broadened periods, working twelve hour days, each day of the week. This may linger for weeks or months at a time, but it is a main part of why rig welders earn such tremendous pay.

Underwater Welder

Underwater welders confront a lot of danger in their employment. In fact, this is one of the most difficult jobs you could clench, and they have a much elevated rate of workplace casualty than most other jobs. Naturally, that is a main part of why they get reimbursed so well.

Underwater welders may labor offshore on many various types of programs. They could be repairing or building oil rigs and other oil-related systems, rescuing shipwrecks, working on subsea formation, or many other duties that only they can conduct.

To be an underwater welder, you will require a wet welding degree D3.6M certificate from the American Welding Society. But before you can even begin schooling to get this certificate, you will require to be a certified retail diver, which requires five to seven months of full-time education.

You will learn the basics of underwater welding during this preliminary schooling, but you won’t be authorized to earn the biggest paychecks until you get your accepted AWS certification. Expect to expend $20,000+ just to get the schooling and certifications essential for this career. But once you are earning 6 figures yearly, the enterprise will be worth it.

Certified Welding Inspector

To become a welder with a certified welding inspector, you may not be accomplishing an entire lot of substantial welding. But you will need to comprehend it more adequately than any of the welders in your corporation since you will be accountable for making sure that everything they do is up to criterion.

You will be required to monitor heat values, make certain all welders are following obedience and safety procedures, and assure that all procedures are performed up to a reasonable level of quality. This implies you will require to know and comprehend the specifications for every welding training being accomplished. Before you can even carry the exam to get authorized, you will require three years of welding knowledge.

Military Support Welders

It is one of the highest paying welding jobs. It should not be very startling that working in war zones can pay extremely well. Military facilities across the world compel building and upkeep, and it seizes competent workers to do it. When you are staking your health and well-being in a war-torn region, the payment will rise to meet the danger.

Not everyone is cut out for this category of atmosphere, and you require to pass difficult training before you will be brought off on such jobs. You will also have to be a basis of the armed forces, another option that is not for everyone. But you will get great advantages and even adequate paychecks.

Pipe Welder

Pipe welders will work on tubes across many enterprises, not just gas and oil pipelines. You may conduct work in shipbuilding, automotive manufacturing, or construction, among others. You will require an AWS certificate, but you will also likely obtain on the job training from the corporations you work for.

welding training

Industrial Pipeline Welder

Gas and oil are transferred through substantial interconnected pipelines that range thousands of miles. A leak can mean an emergency for the company that regulates the pipeline as well as the setting around it. As an industrial pipeline welder, you will be accountable for building and remedying these pipelines. This implies a lot of travel to several areas, frequently even out of the country.

On the radiant side, you will see a lot of niches and conduct your work in ever-changing settings. But few of them may not be ideal workplaces. You could discover yourself operating in the snowy tundra of Alaska or the warmth of Saudi Arabian deserts. Awarded, you will be well-compensated for your trip and your abilities, and you won’t have the similar risk to life and limb that other high-paid welders may encounter, such as underwater welders.


So how much do welders earn? There are several ways to make a tremendous salary as a technical welder. The more risk you are willing to take, the better compensation you can see.

Also, the longer you pay away from the house, the additional your bank account will thank you. Welding work gets spent more for elevated skills, more schooling, and more certificates, but the decent way to make the elevated salary is to do all of the above.

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