6 Reasons To Choose A Career In Plumbing

You must have heard about the scarcity of competent tradespeople in the United States and the age of those still there. If you are in this area, it is possibly safe to say that you have some small interest in a career in plumbing. Perhaps you are a plumber yourself or just curious about it. Maybe you know somebody who is. If a new business is in the offing, there is no justification not to consider plumbing. There are six excellent reasons to consider a career in plumbing.

Job Stability

In current years, skilled trade careers have seen a scarcity of workers. The need for plumbers is so great there are not sufficient in the market to fulfill it. This is excellent news for up-and-appearing plumbers! The US BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) documented that jobs in the plumbing enterprise would increase by twenty-one percent between 2012 and 2022. When you become a plumber, you will be striding into an enterprise where jobs are readily accessible.

Not only is employment readily accessible, but they are also challenging to get rid of. The nation has seen a trend of employment being outsourced. Phone calls are being authorized to large call headquarters in foreign nations. This does not pertain to the plumbing enterprise. As long as American residents have toilets, plumbers are required! A licensed plumber is a hands-on workshop that is needed nationwide.

Continued Education

Being a plumber implies that you are enthusiastic about broadening your knowledge of the enterprise as technology progresses. Nearly every day, a new device or tool is developed that affects a plumber. In addition, new health laws or state criteria can be set that expect a plumber to learn about modern repair techniques and strategies.

Continued knowledge can deliver many advantages to an employee. You can maintain your mental sharpness by keeping your brain healthy and learning. Problem-solving is an everyday activity that plumbing training must perform to finalize a job.


The average salary for a licensed plumber in 2016 was documented to be $56,030. This amount is comparatively more massive than some college graduates’ beginning salaries. TIME noted that business learners start with an average salary of $52,236, and communications majors get $47,047 yearly.

Plumbers appear on top as per these numbers. Financial trends show that the incomes of plumbers are anticipated to boost in the coming years due to their needs. Plumbers’ incomes rank highest among the skilled trades careers as well. US News documents that plumbers and electricians rank 1 and 2 for the highest-paid construction businesses.

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A career in plumbing enterprise delivers an excellent community for employees. You will have entry to institutions such as The National Association of PHCC. These institutions help retain the credibility of plumbers through licensing and can enable you to build a network of working specialists.

Not only are you related to the plumbing community, but you can also relate to your local population. For example, when you begin a plumbing industry and hire residents, you are delivering jobs and security to those in your population. In addition, community units will call you when a pipe explodes or a waterline requires to be repaired.

Trade School

Does the idea of four years of college overwhelm you? The best plumbing school is a tremendous incentive for selecting to be a plumber. Trade school generally lasts two years and is much less costly than a 4-year college. Expenses for trade school, on average, are $7,560 every year, almost half the rate of one year at university.

Because it only takes two years to finish trade school, you have extra time in the workforce. As a result, you will start your employment at a younger age and have more time to surge in the ranks of your institution or even build your own. This extra time also enables you to save more for retirement.

After finalizing trade school, you must join an apprenticeship for plumbing. Internships provide paid on-the-job activities and lessons that are hardly taught in the classroom. However, they provide the best image of what it will be like to work in the field area once your formal schooling is over.

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Social Opportunity

Within the plumbing society, you can make a close-knit group of friends that comprehend what it is like to be in this career. You can also understand each other’s battles and share insider tips and tricks. Being a plumber also settles you in numerous social interactions with customers! You will be eligible to meet those you deliver a service with face-to-face. You would not be restricted behind a desk and typing away at a computer the whole day. Working with others and understanding how to communicate is an everyday skill that plumbers exercise!

The plumbing enterprise provides an excellent way to build your own business! Plumbing assistance is so in need today that you would not have to bother about the requirement for your business. In addition, there are several great corporations to take hints and tips from when it arrives to beginning your own institution. The inducements of acquiring your own plumbing apprenticeship program are flexible with location, work hours, and business structure. You are under supervision when you agree to start your own plumbing corporation!

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