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Admissions Criteria & General Requirements:

Philadelphia Technician Training Institute: Trade school admission requirements and assistance for potential learners to be accepted to the school at every step.

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To get through the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute admission requirements as a regular student, an applicant must:

  • Express a desire to pursue higher education and an associated career.
  • Possess a valid high school credential (diploma) or equivalent credential.
  • Participate in a Personal Admission Interview and campus tour (see details below),
  • Achieve appropriate scores on basic reading skills, mathematical skills, and mechanical aptitude tests.
  • Be a U.S. Citizen, legal resident, or otherwise legally eligible to study in the United States.
  • Be at least eighteen years of age as of the class start date or seventeen years of age as on the starting date of class or seventeen years of age and have the legal permission of a parent or legal guardian.

Non-Discrimination in Admissions Policy

By Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, PTTI does not discriminate in admission or any other aspect of our programs based on race, religion, ethnicity, sex, age, disability, sexual preference, or national origin.

Applicants with disabilities must be physically able to complete the training program with reasonable accommodations to get the trade school application for admission. Further, certain physical and intellectual abilities are bona fide occupational qualifications, and thus, specific disabilities might disqualify a student from any potential employer. Please check with the Admissions Office if you have a disability that might interfere with your ability to succeed in school or your chosen career.

Personal Interview

We understand the value of knowing our students and thus every individual who seeks admission to any trade program will be interviewed by an Admissions Representative before acceptance. This would be a basic interview designed to:

  • Explore the background of prospective students and interests as they relate to the trade program offered at PTTI.
  • Assist prospective students in identifying an appropriate trade to pursue consistent with their interests and abilities.
  • Provide general information regarding the school, its facilities, its policies, available support services for students, and a campus tour.
  • Determine the level of motivation and evaluate the candidate’s verbal and written communication skills required for success in the program.

Prospective students will also tour the campus at the time of the Personal Admission Interview. Arrangements for an interview and tour of PTTI may be made by contacting the Admissions Department. Here, students can make an assessment of PTTI’s Infrastructure and facilities.

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Admissions - Transfer of Credits - Philadelphia Technician Training Instiute

Application Procedure & Documentation:

Students who choose to take admissions in the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute and enroll in the school must complete an Enrollment Agreement. The student generally completes the agreement when they visit the campus for the personal interview and tour.

Before beginning classes at PTTI, an applicant must provide the following documents (as appropriate to the individual applicant):

  • Copy of Driver’s License or Release Form* (Automotive Tech & Repair Program only).
  • Signed Enrollment Agreement (parent signature also required if under eighteen).
  • Official high school transcript, copy of high school diploma, home-schooling documentation, or copy of GED Certificate (as appropriate).
  • Official college/higher education transcript (for transfer credit only).

If the applicant is unable to provide one or more of the above documents, the Admissions Office may allow the applicant additional time (up to thirty days after the start of classes) to obtain the appropriate documentation to get admission to trade school. If the required documents are not submitted within this timeframe, the school may revoke the student’s acceptance, at the discretion of the Director of Education or the Director of Administration

Override Authority: The Director of Administration (or the President in the absence thereof) has the authority to override certain requirements (indicated above with an asterisk *) for purposes of allowing the student to start classes.

Students who received their high school education through home-schooling must submit documentation appropriate under the laws of the State in which the home-schooling occurred.

Required Satisfactory Payment Arrangements:

Students will not be allowed to begin classes at PTTI without making satisfactory arrangements to pay for the trade program enrolled. Satisfactory arrangements may include a combination of methods, including financial aid (including Federal Pell grants, PHEAA Grants, federal student loans, and federal parent loans), veterans’ benefits, other outside aid, private education loans, payment plans, and/or personal payment (cash, check, money order or credit card)

Counseling Team:

PTTI has kept the admissions process very simple but we do understand that there can be complications in getting through a trade school admissions process and for that, we have a dedicated team that would assist each prospective student in arranging for documents, help in financial aid, and any related admissions queries.

You can connect with a representative at 215-381-9403 or send an email at or chat with us now.

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