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Q.Do PTTI Graduates get jobs in their related field of study and at what starting salaries?

highest paying trade school careers

A. Yes, see we provide high-paying jobs through the Department of Labor & Statistics on Careers, Wages, and Statistics as follows: Welding, Advanced Manufacturing, Automotive Technicians, Central Processing and Service, Concreting, Masonry and Framing, Steam, Sprinkler, and Pipe Fitting. At Philadelphia Technician Training Institute we assist our graduates to secure high-paying jobs in the programs listed above.

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Also, you can look up these high paying jobs in trade skills, Career/Technical Programs Offered by Philadelphia Technician Training Institute by CIP Code

CIP Code Name of Program

  • Welding Technician
  • Automotive Technology & Repair
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Central Processing and Service
  • Concreting, Masonry, and Framing
  • Steam, Sprinkler, and Pipe Fitting