Automotive Technology & Repair Program

Automotive Technology & Repair Program

Automotive technology refers to the complete mechanism of the modern automobile cars that are entirely technology and intelligence driven. From fuel analyses, ignition mechanisms, engine mechanics, modern braking systems and a host of other electronic equipment, automotive technology has grown by leaps and bounds.

Our Advanced automotive technology program is designed to identify and hone the interest and new skills of students and aspiring automotive engineers, designers and technicians embracing the current automotive trends. We also share knowledge on approaches to repair, cost optimization and other practices surrounding automotive repair. We channelize leading minds in the industry of automotive engineering and repair to guide and develop skills of our team in complete advanced automotive repair programs and solutions.

Our courses aim to:

  • Develop and sustain interest on part of the student in automotive repair
  • Develop the necessary skill and dexterity required in the car repair
  • Help our students understand recent trends in the automotive industry
  • Enable our students to spearhead innovation in the automotives space and be drivers of change and growth

Key Areas of Study in Automotives Technology & Repair We Offer

  • Automotives Mechanics
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Fuel Management & Efficiency
  • Engine Design & Modelling
  • Hydraulics Management & Fluid Power Technology
  • Automotive repair & Maintenance
  • Collision Repair & Management
  • Spare-part Analysis & Replacement
  • Electro-Mechanical Management in Automotives

Aside of this, we also focus on industry trend analyses, demographical analyses and demand-supply management and understanding.


Why Should You Study Automotive Technology?

  • Automotives is and has always been a steady industry with consistent technological advancement that require knowledge upgradation and study
  • Automotives come in various models and designs, providing immense scope for innovation and growth in the industry
  • This space promises growth opportunities across the globe
  • This challenging and exciting domain is perfect for those who are looking to tie together their knowledge and passion in automotives with a steady and lucrative profession

Why Choose Us To Kickstart Your Automotive Career?

Our institute is a pioneer in developing skills that are critical to a professional’s success in the automotive industry. We have contributed mindshare and manpower to some of the leading names in the automotive space. As we are located in the thriving city of Philadelphia, we have successfully created the right learning and networking environment for our students to learn and grow. Our carefully created academic charter along ensures every nuance and facet of automotives management is absorbed and internalized by the future leaders of the biggest automobile organizations of the world.

We engage faculty that come from the deep crevices of the automotive industry across the world across various specializations and work niches, giving our students a complete view of how things work theoretically and practically.

We strongly focus on practical exposure, industry experience and know-how at the ground-level in order to create well-rounded and holistic automotive experts. Our strong industry exchange ensures the best minds in from the industry interact and mentor our students. We also facilitate diverse and engaging internships and industry projects for our students to obtain hands-on guidance and amass relevant knowledge.

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