Beyond The Workshop: Exploring Welding Jobs And Industries

Is a career in the welding industry a good choice for you? What types of welding jobs are available for skilled welding experts? Let’s look at a  few welding jobs available for those who take welding certifications or are interested in becoming certified welders. As an experienced welder, you will have the opportunity to work in diverse industries and kickstart your career.

Types Of Welding Work

Assemblers And Fabricators

These people work to put the finishing touches on several consumer goods purchased daily. In their welding career, skilled welders use their welding skills to help finish making articles like electronic devices, toys, and computers. Assemblers and fabricators also function on other vital pieces of our nation’s infrastructure, such as vehicle modes. They help build forms of vehicles like ships, aircraft, and boats.


Boilermakers generate steel fabrications from tubes and plates. Initially, boilermakers created boilers, but nowadays, they formulate a variety of various technologies such as blast makers, bridges, and other mining equipment. These welders travel to the worksite to do their welding work. This line of job may mean some national or regional traveling to conduct their welding on the structures that require to be worked on.

Machinists, Tool, And Die Makers

These welders function on welding pieces used in various fields, such as transportation or the construction industry. This kind of welding career requires welders to work day and night. The welders have to complete their welding repair on a strict timeline for other construction or automotive projects to proceed forward on their set plans.

Underwater Welding Work

 type of welding job

These welders have the most complex and dangerous career, frequently working in deep-sea conditions with incredibly high water pressure, repairing pipelines, oil drilling rigs, dams, ships, and more. Due to the mixture of high skill levels required for this type of welding job, these welders generally earn high hourly salaries.

Plumbers, Pipefitters, And Steamfitters

These welders function primarily in the construction enterprise to help work on building undertakings that are still being finished. They frequently work on pipe fitting and plumbing in residential and commercial buildings. Their jobs are to ensure that the piping, plumbing, and ductwork in facilities are up to the building code outlined in that area. Employees must travel to the construction area during these welding classes to perform their jobs. Deadlines are also definitive in this welding field, as the pipefitting and plumbing must be completed before the next stage of construction can start.

Shipyard Welders

Shipyard welders function in military or commercial shipyards, making and assembling various ships, such as cargo ships, pleasure craft, tugboats, utility vessels, etc. In this type of welding, they are also required for refitting boats that need maintenance and inspection repairs that must be accomplished in ocean-going vessels.

Sheet Metal Welding Work

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Sheet Metal workers are accountable for welding sheets to develop finished products. Most sheet metal workers do welding work to build heating and air conditioning strategies, which need these metal sheets to be welded together to create these units for residential and commercial buildings. Sheet metal will frequently get heavy, and the systems that these welders job on become highly sizable. Heavy lifting finished pieces of function are all part of the job.

Plastic Machine Workers

Welding classes train welding apprentices to become a plastic machine employee. A plastic machine employee is a welder who sets up and operates devices that are accountable for shaping, cutting, and creating metal and plastic pieces that are utilized in the construction of various goods developed in our modern consumer society. These products must frequently be made to particular safety standards set forth by the enterprise for which the product is being designed.

There are several options for welders when choosing welding jobs. Dream big and discover a career that fits your desires and necessities as a welder. It will make work a pleasure, not a duty, as the welding field opportunities are genuinely infinite.

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