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How do I start my career as an electrician?

There are many career programs available for those who are looking for an education that guarantees them a great career almost immediately after graduation. What with the traditional colleges costing both time and money and no guaranteed job placements, students are often looking for better alternatives.

Why choose a career as electrician?

One such alternative is a career as an electrician. First of all, electricians are well paid. In fact, the average salary of an electrician is way more than the average salary of other tradesmen. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for electricians in 2012 to 2022 has been projected to grow 20%, much more than the 11% projected for other trades. Not only is the demand for electricians growing, but the average salary jump is also much higher than other trades. The median pay for electricians is $56,180 per year.

I start my career as an electrician
Becoming an electrician may be a great career opportunity for you. You get to work in a group or on your own. You will be working on many interesting projects as an electrician, go to new places and meet new people. That means great life satisfaction and job satisfaction.

What do I need for a career as electrician?

What do I need for a career as electrician
So, how can you start your career as an electrician? It is simple and has a few pre-requisites. You need a high school diploma or GED. Next, you have to be physically sound and able to work on your own and in a group. You will need good hand-eye coordination and the ability to do things manually.

Next, you need an education in an electrician tech school. You will learn about electricity, how it works, the job skills and some math. You will learn how to work safely with electricity. You will work with heavy machinery, electronics, lighting systems, electrical troubleshooting, and much more.

Do I need a license to work as electrician?

Do I need a license to work as electrician
After your education, you will be required to get an apprenticeship. Here you will work under supervision and gain experience for your license. After that is done, you are free to get employed in a company or start on your own. As you gain experience, you develop your skillset and become a valued industry professional. That means your value rises not only in skills but also in terms of finances.

What is the right Electrician Trade School for me?

What is the right Electrician Trade School for me
The key to having a great career more often than not is in choosing the school that is right for you and caters to your needs. Different electrician trade schools in the US offer many different approaches to their electrician programs. Not only is good theoretical knowledge required, but good hands-on training and apprenticeship opportunities are the key traits of the best electrician trade schools.

Manufacturing and Electrician Training Program in Philadelphia

Manufacturing and Electrician Training Program in Philadelphia
At the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute, one of the best trade schools in Philadelphia, you can join the Manufacturing, Automation and Electrical Technician Program to get certified as an electrical technician. In this program, you will get the added advantage of manufacturing training along with electrician training. You get hands-on training with electrical equipment and electronics in advanced labs and also work with robotics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and more in workstations.

Is the Manufacturing and Electrician Training Program right for me?

Is the Manufacturing and Electrician Training Program right for me
The Electrician Training Program is low-cost and affordable. There is Financial Aid available for those  who are eligible. You can complete the training in 6 months and get certification that is licensed by the PA Department of Education. With a placement rate of 92%, you are almost certain to get a job right after graduating. And what’s more, you will be provided with free of charge job assistance. As alumni, if you need re-training in any area of your education, you are eligible for it lifetime.

You get hands-on training from industry experts in the field of manufacturing. With state-of-the-art equipped classrooms that have AutoCad and Vision, you get so much more than just theoretical knowledge. You learn about electrical and electronic systems, programmable logic controllers, AC/DC Motor controls, advanced packaging systems, robotics, electrical troubleshooting, and much more in the course. You even get help in building your resume and preparation with mock interviews. You get full professional development to stand out in your career. With this assurance for a great support in your education, you are guaranteed to succeed in building your career as an electrician.

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