How To Become a Certified Nursing Assistant ? The Difference in Salaries And Responsibilities

Healthcare facilities employ several nursing experts to perform various tasks. A certified nursing assistant, or CNA, offers patients primary medical care in hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care institutions. Enrolling in a CNA training course is a good idea if you are considering becoming a certified nurse assistant (CNA). In addition, CNA courses may help you advance your credentials and locate the ideal work.

In healthcare settings, CNAs are responsible for a variety of tasks. Despite being an entry-level nursing profession, it’s frequently an excellent method to advance to other positions in the

healthcare sector. CNAs are directly supervised by a registered nurse (RN) and licensed practical nurses (LPN) while at work. Other frequent names for the CNA position are nurse’s aide, patient care assistant, and nursing assistant.


These nurses do physically demanding and challenging activities for patients and healthcare professionals. Different hospitals and nursing facilities will have other responsibilities for CNAs. Qualified nursing assistants assist in caring for patients. They carry out essential activities that guarantee patients are cared for and kept safe in the hospital.

  • assisting patients with dressing and bathing
  • grooming patients by shaving, teeth-brushing, and combing their hair
  • tracking patients’ food and beverage consumption while helping them with eating and drinking
  • adjusting patient positions in beds
  • patient transfer from bed to a wheelchair
  • monitoring and recording observations while taking vital indicators, including blood pressure and heart rate
  • Room preparation and cleaning for new patients
  • the gathering and storage of medical supplies
  • taking calls from both patients and callers
  • keeping records of patients’ personal and medical data
  • assistance with medical and patient safety measures for RNs and LPNs
  • treating wounds

CNA courses

The Average Salary of a CNA

The annual income for a nursing assistant is $42,163. However, after enrolling in a CNA training course may earn more. Their location, experience, type of facility, and degree are additional variables that may influence their pay. However, the following are some advantages these experts might get:

  • Flexible spending account 401(k) match
  • Payment for tuition
  • Vacation time
  • The benefit of health savings account

Requirements To Be a CNA

CNAs complete accredited CNA classes. Depending on the state, they might enroll in CNA courses offered by high schools, community colleges, or technical schools.

nurse aide classes

Most nurse aide courses combine lectures, clinical practice, and written and clinical exams. For CNAs, each state has its specifications. Nursing assistants must be certified in most states before using the term “CNA.” A necessity for assistants working in nursing homes, being on the state’s registry, is also made possible by obtaining this certification for CNAs.

CNA Certification

Different states have set unique requirements to become a certified nursing assistant. However, it includes an oral and a written exam. The students also have to take a demonstration exam to showcase their skills as nursing aides. Getting a license is mandatory as it will be required for students to apply for specific jobs. This licensing also ensures that a student has the knowledge and skills to care for patients.

PTTI offers the required knowledge and skills to become a certified nursing assistant. In addition, it offers CNA training courses to students that ease their path to becoming a nursing aide.

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