Career Opportunities post Automotive Repair Program

All budding professionals undergo training at professional institutes. They obtain diplomas or degrees that can help fuel their professional trajectory. Those who are passionate about automotive and have had some exposure in the field would be looking to obtain a professional degree.  To establish themselves as certified professionals, an automotive repair program is a great option.

Let’s look at the various career opportunities available to students who complete the automotive repair program at Philadelphia Technician Training Institute (PTTI).

Tire Technician

An automotive repair technician is an expert who is adept at maintaining, servicing, and repairing all parts and functionalities of an automotive. However, should they wish you to focus on one niche, the need for tire technicians is on the rise. An automotive repair technician can, from a maintenance perspective, be a tire expert and help car consumers maintain, replace and use their tires in the most cost-effective and lucrative manner.

Auto Body Technician

Just as in tires, many automotive experts prefer to focus on auto body repair exclusively. This could include accident repair, repairing dents, disfigurations in the body, changing grills, lights, windows, correcting engine, steering & suspension flaws, and a host of other such jobs. You could even pursue your interests in automotive repair training by setting up your individual auto body repair practice that offers complete outer and inner repair services.

Automotive Shock Absorber Repair Specialists

Shock absorption systems in automotive help absorb shock impulses from sudden jerks, jumps, and other car movements. These are usually hydraulic or mechanical systems that require an expert technician to check, maintain, and repair. An automotive repair technician can help with studying and maintaining these systems..

Service Specialists

Many auto repair experts don’t prefer to narrow themselves down to a particular niche such as engine, tires, or auto body. Instead, they prefer to be service specialists who you would drop your car off to every few months to have all its components and functionalities checked. These experts can check brake functions, alignment, and other elements to drive your car off as good as brand new.

Vehicle Inspection

Police, government departments, and other inspection agencies require automotive experts to inspect vehicles for the nature of damage after accidents and other incidents that require official involvement and investigation. In such situations, auto repair experts can help understand the nature of the damage in the parts of the automotive involved.

Second-Hand Car Dealerships

All second-hand car dealerships employ auto repair experts to work on the damaged and old cars that come in to make them saleable again. This is an excellent means of employment for repair technicians after a professional course. It gives them an insight into the complete repair and maintenance requirements that go into automotive, not restricting them to any particular practice or niche.

If you want to join a professional automotive repair training course, know that the employment opportunities are galore. You only need to find your niche and area of interest.


Being passionate about automotive goes only as far as one wants. To make a great career out of that passion, one has to undergo hands-on training and get an automotive repair certification from an automotive repair school. With professional certifications on your side, the sky is the limit when it comes to building a great career and a successful future. Make the right choice for your passion!

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