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Rayshard’s vision – Alive at PTTI for the past 15 years

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He really spoke his heart out and proud to you- Rayshard Brook’s for that. There are very few people that can talk about it with this subtlety.

We at PTTI are totally aware of the struggles of life the community (#BlackLivesMatter) faces and the mental fatigue and come with it. This makes us strong as well but even a strong person needs a mentor to craft him through the ups and downs, rights, and wrongs of life.

We understand you Brooks – search for redemption and a better life is the most important search for us all and at PTTI we have been assisting young people to make a better life for them.

We have provided education and careers to the community for the past 15 years. We have counselors helping students going through the struggles of life – both mental and physical. From the most basic like breakfast, lunch, food to take home, learning material, financial aid to mental assistance like mentoring, counseling, getting students ready for a job, providing job placement after graduation. Along with providing social services if necessary for the success of PTTI students.

Brooks brought up one of the most important aspects that a person needs – A mentor who can direct him/her to a better world and we at PTTI are proud to say that we have been doing it for the past 15 years.

Rayshard Brooks Struggles & How PTTI has been catering to them for 15 years
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