Can An Auto Mechanic Make A 6 Figure Salary?

The highest 10% of auto mechanics earned an annual payroll of more than $71,940. However, six-figure salaries for an auto mechanic are rare. Despite this, job-seekers might find such places in fields with auto mechanics shortages or at auto dealerships.

Years of experience also affect a professional’s earning potential. Generally, auto technicians make a decent living, making a median annual salary of $36,600.

Besides, most are paid according to a “flat-rate” system. This means that they only make money when you put in actual work. Meanwhile, each task only meets a pre-set number of hours, no matter how long it takes to achieve.

What Is An Auto Mechanic?

Also called automotive service technicians maintain and repair cars and most pickup trucks. More precisely, most automotive mechanics test, repair, and replenish parts and help customers know the repairs their vehicles demand. They also perform subsistence tasks like oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid checks.

Auto manufacturing steadily evolves with the introduction of new technologies, including computerized components and the evolution of electric cars. Since auto mechanics will operate on standard engines and systems, they must be updated about the latest improvements and developments in their industry.

How To Become An Auto Mechanic?

Once you complete high school, you should explore further training to make yourself more commercial to employers. Nonetheless, companies prefer to hire those who have completed an auto mechanics trade school or post-secondary education institution training program.

Moreover, service technicians undergo on-the-job training as part of a specific education program. Furthermore, after gaining two to five years of hands-on experience, these newcomers become fully-fledged professionals.

What Training Does An Auto Mechanic Need?

After finishing high school in electronics, computers, automotive repair, and mathematics, you can seek entry-level auto mechanic careers. At the same time, auto repair programs offer the essential skills that an auto mechanic may need. High school graduates should also get on-the-job training as helpers, trainee technicians, or lubrication workers to improve their qualifications.

Some programs allow students to complete their education in 6-12 months, and most programs include coursework and practical training. Aspiring automotive mechanics can also gain an automotive mechanic certificate in specializations like engine performance and brake maintenance. In addition, some mechanics take associate degrees to increase their job possibilities.

Indeed, associate programs typically offer electronics, mathematics, and customer service coursework. Furthermore, car manufacturers and dealers sometimes sponsor associate degree programs, which allow learners to trade and gain experience in service shops.

What Are the Career Prospects For Auto Mechanics?

The BLS Survey predicts that automotive mechanics’ employment will uprise 4% between 2019 and 2029. In addition, the evolution of electric cars and vehicles with automated systems will make repairs and maintenance easier.

Despite this, job-seekers with conventional education and experience can seek independent repair shops and auto mechanics. In addition, many service technicians serve in these settings, where employers will likely proceed to fit job openings.

What Is An Auto Mechanic Salary Potential?

automotive technician schools

According to the BLS, automotive mechanics made an average of $44,050 as of May 2020. In addition, some experienced professionals working for auto dealers make commissions on top of their labor, enhancing their earning potential significantly.

Nevertheless, most professionals working for repair shops obtain an hourly wage. As a result, mechanics who worked for automotive dealerships acquired a higher median annual salary of $47,620 in 2020. On the other hand, technicians who worked in tire and machines shops earned a median yearly salary of $38,370.

Can Auto Mechanics Make 100k?

Experienced and well-trained master mechanics can expect to make up to $100,000 per year, and some even more.

However, most people become mechanics by opting for automotive technician training. This is because they already know cars and perhaps have experience working independently.

Becoming a mechanic can be well deserving of the effort if you stick with it and make good money doing it. Still, if you don’t plan on preparing it for a living, stick to your car repairs.

Job Satisfaction Of Auto Technicians

Ordinary Americans serve wholly into their 60s, so mechanics might as well have an outstanding job and a career that’s fulfilling. Many people would be content with a career that offers strong progression chances, minimal stress, a healthy work-life balance, and a competitive salary.

In addition, with technologies steadily evolving, various inspection schools give the best automotive training in the market.

How High Is The Demand For Auto Mechanic Technicians At The Moment?

The demand for auto mechanic technicians is high at the moment. However, the employment rate anticipates rising about 4 percent up till 2029. Therefore, seeking a career in this field could admittedly turn out to be a boon. Furthermore, engaging in a reliable car repair school might enhance your possibilities of landing a top job.

Furthermore, several states in the United States operate a substantial proportion of automobile technicians. Indeed, you must use this opportunity and get the necessary knowledge as soon as possible!


Technology has evolved to the point that the public is discussing the development of vehicles that can fly. Indeed, there will be several opportunities that will help you test your knowledge about the auto mechanics industry.

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