Career Growth & Opportunities For Women In Trade Skills

The trade skills industry has historically been male-dominated, but in recent years, there has been a growing trend of women entering the field and pursuing a careers in trade skills. Despite the progress made, many misconceptions about women in trade skills still discourage them from pursuing these careers. However, the truth is that women are capable of excelling in trade skills just as much as men, and there are numerous job opportunities available for women in several trades.

Trade Skills For Women

Some of the trade skills for women include:


Women electricians are changing the face of the industry. They comprise the rapidly increasing percentage of trade workers. If you are a woman who loves being active and moving, electricians might be a good career choice. vocational certifications in the electrical industry can help you gain knowledge to become a trained electrician.


Women are learning welding skills and finding employment in the welding industry. The Welding industry is diversifying and has multiple economic opportunities for women.


Yes, a lady can be a plumber. Plumbing is one of the most favorable skilled trades for women. Plumbing is not only for men. Today around a thousand women are working in the plumbing field. a field that’s never been just for guys.

Sterile Technician

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If you are looking for entry-level jobs to start your career, a sterile technician might be the answer. Sterile technicians are an essential part of the health sector.  It is a great way to make a career in trades. 

These careers offer competitive pay, stability, and opportunities for growth and advancement, as women account for 47.7% of the global workforce.

Benefits Of Working In Trade Skills

The first benefit of a skilled trades job is the level of job security. Tradespeople are in high demand. As long as buildings and infrastructure need maintenance and repair, the demand for skilled tradespeople will remain steady. This is especially true for critical infrastructure like water, sewage, and electrical systems, which require a skilled and reliable workforce.

The opportunity for financial gain is another benefit of skilled trades work. The earnings of many craftsmen are significantly higher than the national average. Their ability to earn money increases as they gain experience.

Women who work in the trades can expect to make a fair salary, take care of their families and themselves, and have financial security. A career in the trades also provides the chance to advance. Many tradespeople begin as apprentices and progress to become journeymen or even supervisors. Women working in the trades can advance their careers and fulfill their ambitions.

Encouraging Women To Enter Skilled Trade

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Women are still underrepresented in skilled trades occupations despite their advantages. Some individuals think that women are physiologically incapable of doing manual labor.   These myths are, however, a far cry from reality. The manual labor necessary for trade skills can be performed by women just as well as by males.

These professions appeal to a lot of women. Many women discover that occupations requiring trade skills provide them with a sense of fulfillment and happiness that they cannot find in other careers. Education of young women about trade school degrees and employment options is crucial if we want to see more women join the trades. The promotion of trade skills as a viable career option for students in schools and vocational training programmes needs to increase.

Vocational certificates can be a helpful resource for women in trade skills in addition to education. Women who are just starting out in the trades can gain from the assistance and guidance of seasoned tradespeople who can mentor them and help them navigate the field.


In conclusion, women have several employment options in skilled trades. These jobs, such as employment security, high pay, and room for progress, provide numerous advantages. It is important to encourage women interested in skilled trades to consider their alternatives and choose the career path that is best for them. We can contribute to the development of a more diverse and inclusive workforce by removing the barriers that women face in the trades.

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