Career Scopes In Automotive Repair: Is It A Good Career Choice For 2023?

Do you love getting your hands dirty while repairing a car? Then, becoming an automotive repair technician is a good career choice. It’s also an easy way to kickstart your career, as technicians can earn more than $65,000 yearly.

An automotive repair technician repairs, inspects, and maintains automobiles. Also, you will be required to explain mechanical problems to your consumers. Therefore, an automotive repair technician must have communication skills.

The factors that identify that automotive repair is a growing career choice nowadays are:

Understanding Advanced Technologies

Automotive technicians can advance their careers to automotive instructors or service managers. They can earn increased salaries. A trained assistant has an understanding of advanced electronic and mechanical systems.

For instance, modern cars have parking assistance, smart sensors, infotainment systems, and pedestrian detection systems. Also, most of the automotive programs are practical and hands-on. Therefore, this is your best career if you are interested in new tech and love working practically.

Variety In Work

An auto repair mechanic has to handle a variety of challenges daily. However, rather than being stuck behind a desk, auto repair technicians continually move and accomplish daily tasks.

Quick Earning

You can kick start your automotive career as an automotive repair technician in the industry rapidly. While a college degree can take four years, the training schedule for entry-level mechanic jobs commonly requires two years. As your training might require you to get an internship, several technicians land jobs while still in school.

Transferable Skills

auto repair technicians

Automotive technician training helps develop skills that enable you to take up a new job in the transportation enterprise. Numerous avenues in the automobile industry need the skills of an automotive mechanic.

Job Satisfaction

Solving challenging issues and helping people return to everyday life provides immense job satisfaction. For example, automotive technicians comprehend a customer’s problem and help return their vehicle to the road.


The average salary for automotive technicians was $42,090/ year in 2019. The average income for entry-level automotive technicians is $24,400 per year. The top 10% of mechanics earned more than $68,880 yearly. If you excel at the trade, you have substantial growth opportunities.

Job Outlook

BLS data states that the mechanic automotive service sector jobs will decline by 4% from 2019 to 2029. The decrease in employment highlights the fundamental fact that automotive technicians must adjust to advanced technology. Employers now choose service technicians over mechanics who perform simple repetitive activities because they may work in various specialized occupations.

As automobiles become sophisticated, service technicians must work beyond regular maintenance and repair. In addition, new cars come with various interconnected electrical systems like cameras, sensors, control systems, and digital instruments that may need diagnosis and repair.

Automotive Repair: Growing Career

automotive technicians

Technicians in automotive can advance in their careers if they know automotive technology and customer service skills. Service technicians can also become master technicians after acquiring all the relevant certificates in their trade.

These are some of the jobs that you can take up after finishing your education program:

  • Collision Tech
  • Auto Service Technician
  • Service Advisor
  • Collision Estimator
  • Auto Parts Machinist
  • Parts Professional

While these are familiar jobs for fresh graduates, you can also work on specialized functions like diesel engine repair, heating, air conditioning tech, enhancing engine performance, etc.


The career path for an automotive technician delivers exciting opportunities in the auto industry. You may begin with preventative maintenance and repair work and advance to supervisory and managerial positions. An automotive repair technician is a lucrative career option if you are passionate about vehicles and have problem-solving skills. In addition, automotive technician employment can offer work diversity, decent salaries, and job satisfaction.

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