Alumni (Testimonial)

The exposure, confidence, and right guidance at Philadelphia Technician Training Institute assist our students to get jobs eventually crafting careers for themselves in trade skills. And, with the student testimonials of the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute, we intend to share how you can learn and grow with us. The school aids the students & Alumnus to find the path towards professionalism, skills, and a fulfilling career so their works can be seen all across the country. The first student testimonial of Philadelphia Technician Training Institute is:

Alumni testimonials from Welding Alumni, David Burrus says – “You must be focussed, there is no partying, everything in the booth is the partying. Learn, Earn and Succeed!”
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Alumni David Burrus at Philadelphia Technician Training Institute shares his experience of becoming a welder here – How he had been following PTTI for 2 years and finally decided to join with an ambition to follow his passion, how the trade school – welding program helped him get trained in the skill and now he plans to become an underwater welder and an entrepreneur someday soon.

Not only does he strive to become a successful businessman but also becomes a good person where people endeavor for success.

Another Philadelphia trade school Alumni, Sterile and Central Processing Alumni, Shelima Shelton expresses “Do not let your personal struggles affect your career, rise above it and accomplish your goals”.
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Sterile and Central Processing Alumni from Philadelphia Technician Training Institute, Shelima Shelton speaks about her experience taking her technical training; after trying many jobs how she decided to become a Sterile and Central Processing Technician.

Her mission was always to help people and thus she came to PTTI and now feels that Philadelphia Technician Training Institute helped her achieve her. She dreams about buying a house, being independent, and encouraging other women to become independent.

Plumbing/Pipefitting Alumni – Christopher Robertson tells “I always dreamt of doing something different, something meaningful, and legit that will help me live a better life.”
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Hear from our Alumni – Christopher Robertson who comes from a not-so-great place, his struggles, and how he changed the course of his life and decided to join the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute.

He understands Technical Schools in Philadelphia can help people like him make a high-paying career in just 6 months of training.

He appreciates the instructors at PTTI who not only supported him with technical training but also helped him with resume writing and interviewing skills so that he can easily get a job in the industry and start working quickly even during times like this.

He is working in a great company in New Jersey and we congratulate him for all future endeavors.

Welding Alumni, Michael Smith states – “Never let nothing stop you from what you like, keep going, keep fighting and eventually you’ll get it”
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Michael Smith shares his experience as a Student Alumni of Philadelphia Technician Training Institute – How he came with an ambition to achieve his dreams, how the trade school – welding program became a part of his journey and how he feels his stronghold to reach for his dreams and plan to open his own business.

Some of the important points he learned and likes to share as a student and now as a welding technician:

  • Let your skills open up new doors for you. Training is your stepping stone.
  • Follow your interests. Your passions can bring you to exciting places.
  • Don’t set standards for yourself, because you can always exceed your expectations.
  • Go to school like it’s your job, and you’ll reap the benefits!
  • If you’re frustrated, that means you want to succeed! Use that anger to improve.
  • Failure shows you the pathway to success, don’t let it stop you.
Electrical Student, Asia expresses – “With PTTI, there’s no grinding HARDER, it is grinding SMARTER”
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Our Welding Alumni Asia had been struggling to achieve academically and dropped out of school which also had an impact on her personal life. Her struggle in enrolling and graduating from a school started to fade until she joined PTTI. PTTI welcomes all its students and strives to have struggling students to have a career. Being a woman Electrical Technician, Philadelphia Technician Training Institute wants to congratulate Asia for her courage, academic and personal achievements over daily obstacles! Students like her inspire other women to work hard.

Do any of the above experiences inspire you? You are just a call away from a successful career like our Alumnis. To know more about PTTI, CALL 215-381-9403