Trade skills employers

Philadelphia Technician Training Institutes Career Center offers a wide array of services for Trade skills employers because we believe in providing our students the best-skilled trade employment program to connect with PTTI students & Alumni! Trade skills employers can participate in posting jobs and internships with us, an apprentice program, career fairs, skilled trade employment program, conduct on-campus and off-campus interviews, and more!

If you would like more information about connecting with PTTI students, please contact Cathy Kirby Purdie @ cpurdie@ptt.edu.

Whether you are a national-level Trade skills employer or a local small or medium-sized employer in the private or public sector; the PTTI’s Careers and Employment Service provides support on recruitment of students and graduates to your organization.

Trade skills employers may also create a brand on campus by participating in a variety of events that engage students. You may also advertise an opportunity at our college facility.

Our services are available for all the courses. College Career Services at the PTTI can connect you with a highly motivated, talented pool of PTTI students and alumni.

Trade skills employers

If you are interested in learning more about how you can connect to PTTI students, please connect with us at 215-381-9403 or send an email at info@ptt.edu or chat with us now.