What can the PTT school do for your Automotive Repair Shop?

The same thing it has done for Pep Boys, KIA Motors of America, Strauss, Ford Motors, Nobles Tire, and many others:


The PTT school’s HANDS-ON Automotive program trains students to repair four-wheel alignments, suspensions, front and rear brakes, drum brakes, struts, and more. Our students train using electrical procedures, engine diagnostics, Mitchell and All Data Vehicle Software, and a Hunter Alignment trainer.
PTT school do for your Automotive Repair Shop
Our graduates are certified in:

  • PA Safety and Enhanced Emissions
  • Hunter Alignments
  • The suspension (Struts, Tie Rods, Axel, Ball Joints)
  • Brakes, Rotors, Drum Brakes
  • Mechanical Diagnosis
  • Oil and Fluid Changes
  • Basic Tune-ups
  • Basic Electrical and Lighting Checks
  • Wheel and Tire Balancing
  • Belt and Hose Maintenance
  • OBD II Scanner Use and Code Look-up
  • Customer Service

Our Program is:

  • 900 Hours of Training
  • 80 Percent Hands ON Learning
  • Licensed by the PA Department of Education State Board of Private Licensed Schools
  • Taught by ASE certified auto mechanics

Our Facility has:

  • Hunter-Hawkeye Alignment Machines
  • AllData and Mitchell Vehicle Software
  • Six Two-Post Lifts
  • Dynamometers
  • On-Board Diagnosis Scanners

The Bottom Line: PTT’s program trains students to improve YOUR bottom line.

Streamlined Training:
Sick of hiring graduates that don’t even know how to do oil changes? Our thorough ten-week training program trains entry-level employees so you don’t have to commit the time, manpower, and financial investment that would otherwise be required. What normally may take six to seven weeks of training to learn in your facility, our graduates will be well-versed in and ready to contribute within a fraction of the time.

After completing our well-paced ten (10) week to work program, our graduates are ready to contribute to your Automotive Repair business.