Employee For manufacturing Philadelphia Trade school

What can the PTT school do for your Automation or Manufacturing facility?
The same thing it has done for JBT Aerotech, Purdue Chicken, Novacart, Tek Systems, GRG Technologies, McGrath Systems, Avo Photonics, First Transit, and many others:


The PTT school trains its students to be work-ready, entry-level technicians in any of today’s manufacturing plants in energy, green technology, food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, research, equipment development, electronics, and much more.

Grants and Federal Guaranteed Student Loans are available for eligible students: go to and school code 04221300


  • Our graduates are:
    • Certified entry-level ready technicians
    • Prepared to maintain, repair, troubleshoot, and install equipment in any manufacturing, automation, or field service operation
    • Trained specifically in cost-reductions
    • ISO 9000 and FDA GMP Quality System Trained
    • An excellent source for diverse candidates
Our graduates
  • Our Program is:
    • 900 Hours of Training
    • 80 Percent Hands ON Learning
    • Licensed by the PA Department of Education State Board of Private Licensed Schools
    • Accredited by The Educational Enrichment Initiative (TEEI)
    • Taught by Engineers with Manufacturing Experience

Our Facility has:

  • 40 internet-ready computers with Autocad and Maintenance Software
  • An internet presentation training center
  • 10,000 square feet dedicated to training
  • Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Vision Systems
  • Three (3) Industrial Robots, Extensive Industrial Skills Training
  • Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers, Machine Sequencing, Mechatronics
  • An industry-standard Loading and Packaging Machine
  • Hands-on stations in pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics (single and three-phase wiring), PLC’s, and robotics

After completing our well-paced ten (10) week-to-work program, graduates are certified and ready to maintain, repair, troubleshoot, and install equipment in your manufacturing, automation, and field service operations.

  • The Bottom Line: PTT’s program trains students to improve YOUR bottom line.
  • Cost Reductions: PTT technicians are trained to save you money by analyzing production waste streams in your manufacturing operation. Graduates are versed in cost-saving principles that do not require much investment. Ultimately, PTT’s Technicians are trained to help identify and eliminate operational waste, increase production, and achieve world-class quality through the application of six-sigma.
  • Streamlined Training: Our thorough ten-week training program trains entry-level employees so you don’t have to commit the time, manpower, and financial investment that would otherwise be required. What normally may take six to seven weeks of training to learn in your facility, our graduates will be well-versed in and ready to contribute within a fraction of the time.
Philadelphia Trade School welding hands on training