At PTTI, as Trade skills students you will always find a more encouraging and comfortable environment for you to have a more sought-out training. We, at PTTI, nurture our Trade skills students like a family.

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Our method of teaching is highly practical and hands-on where students get to learn and evolve with an industry-focussed curriculum presented by our experienced instructors. Being in training and business for 15 years has helped us develop great employer relationships which ultimately help our Trade skills students to find jobs quickly.

Our instructors believe in mentoring our skilled trade students personally and making a friendly environment with them as we understand the very fact that every individual is different.

Welding Olympics

Not only do we have great teaching strengths, but our Trade skills students also indulge in extracurriculars like Welding competition and other events.

Welding Olympics – challenges our skilled trade students in the welding shop and promotes hands-on learning. The Weld Olympics hosted by PTTI at the campus drove an overwhelming response from our students and faculty that boosts rich experience-based learning and promotes trade skills and confidence building.

Food Distribution

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Students are provided with basic amenities like the food at PTTI campus. Meals can also be taken home for their family members. Even during the times of lockdown, PTTI regularly distributed meals to our students maintaining social distancing and other precautions.

Employer Benefits for students

Trade skills students

PTTI has a good relationship with a lot of employers and organizations with all these years of experience in teaching and education and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them in the future.

Our Trade skills students placements are managed by an efficient career team that handles all aspects of the job process. Our career team trains the students in resume writing, interviewing, and communication skills so that they can secure employment quickly.

Not only academically but PTTI also supports students facing personal difficulties so that students can complete the training successfully and have the confidence as a person to be ready and compete in the trade industry.

Trade skills students

Every student is assisted for placements and is required to stay informed to get placed for their respective programs.

Check out some of our students who got successfully placed after getting complete training at PTTI – Alumni

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