Drug Awareness and Prevention Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy: Consistent with its mission as an institution of education, Philadelphia Technician Training (PTT) is devoted to educating students, faculty, and staff on the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, and to maintaining an environment in which such behavior is prohibited.

Standards of Conduct: While on campus or at any school-sponsored event; faculty, staff, and students may not possess, use, deliver, sell, or distribute any illegal controlled substance.  Further, except as noted below, students and employees may not possess or consume alcoholic beverages on school property or at school-sponsored events, nor be present on school property or at school-sponsored events while noticeably under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances.

Exception for Legal Alcohol Consumption at School-Sanctioned Events:  Limited amounts of alcoholic beverages may be made available and consumed by legal adults of at least twenty-one years of age at social functions (on-campus or off-campus) which are prepared with the permission of the President.   After any such social functions which occur on campus, all alcohol remaining is to be removed from the premises.

Penalties/Disciplinary Actions:  Persons who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action by the school, with penalties up to and including the termination of enrollment/employment (dismissal).  Individuals will also be subject to penalties and sanctions imposed by local, state, and federal laws.  Students should be aware that substance abuse carries legal consequences which may include imprisonment, fines, and/or loss of property.  The drug abuse statutes for Pennsylvania can be found at:

Pennsylvania Controlled Substances Laws

Penalties/Disciplinary Actions:  All students should be aware that substance abuse causes serious health risks, including altered moods, altered behavior, sleep disorders, distorted senses, and permanent damage to the liver, heart, and central nervous system.  More information about addiction, the drugs and substances of “substance abuse”, and the health risks of substance abuse can be found at the following links:

National Institutes of Health – Facts About Addiction

National Institutes of Health – The Drugs of Addiction

PA Office of Substance Abuse Services

Rehabilitation: PTT will encourage and assist employees with chemical dependencies to seek self-help or professional treatment, and will provide students with information about local agencies and community resources to assist persons with dependency problems.  There are local government and charitable agencies and resources available to assist individuals with dependency issues:  Some of these resources can be found through the following links:


Pennsylvania Rehabilitative Services Agencies

Enforcement:  All student disciplinary enforcement under this policy shall be at the discretion of the President and shall be based upon the severity of the offense and the actions of the student with regard to the incident.  Employee disciplinary enforcement under this policy shall be at the discretion of the President.  PTT management shall be the sole judge of the sufficiency of the evidence in such matters.

Disciplinary and administrative decisions regarding this policy shall be made in a manner consistent with applicable law. PTT reserves the right to make referrals to law enforcement authorities, and further may permit law enforcement officials to conduct searches of the school’s facilities at any time.