Do You Have A Future With Skilled Trades?

When covid pandemic-riddled economy occurs, every job sector and industry has been hit hard and is seeing stagnant job growth, but skilled trade was booming across the nation during past years.  Trades are rare sectors that continue to experience robust growth in an unpredictable job market. Besides, students typically go for a four-degree option and don’t consider a two-year certification in a skilled trade.

In contrast, a two-year degree costs significantly less than a four-year degree.
Indeed, skilled trades usually involve specialized training, including on-the-job training, apprenticeships, or formal vocational education.

There are many misperceptions of skilled trade jobs. Still, the reality is that working in a trade career means learning a valuable skill that can offer less debt, lucrative pay, job stability, and overall sound quality of life. Manual labor jobs that require a skill set or training are known as trade careers. Many trades jobs often provide on-the-job training or vocational schools that offer certification within less than a year.

There are several trade careers jobs: electricians, mechanics, plumbers, welders, and paramedics.

What Are Skilled Trades?

Skilled trades are the industry that requires a particular skill set of ability or knowledge gathered at a college program. It is usually a hands-on job, but skilled trades are present in every career cluster. Skilled trades commonly fall into five broad categories: agricultural, construction, transportation, service, and manufacturing, and industrial.

First, let’s talk about the skilled trades jobs in demand with their responsibilities.

These are as follows:

  • Welding Technology

    A welder usually engages with metal and its components to fix or build several equipment pieces. Further, welders are skilled in combining metals using heat and power. Moreover, they work with heavy tools and machinery to repair various metal structures. On the other hand, welders often repair various equipment found within the construction and automotive fields.

  • Automotive Training And Repair Technician

    Automotive technicians are the person who specializes in repairs as well as maintaining commercial vehicles. In addition, they have to fix mechanical issues with vehicles. For example, repair or replace faulty or damaged appliance components upon approval from the customers.

  • Manufacturing And Automation

    A manufacturing work typically involves creating products from raw material or different components through physical, chemical, or mechanical means. People are unaware of automation, but people trade jobs by using automation to help streamline their environment. For example, businesses use collaborative robots to fasten human operations.

  • Steam, Sprinkler, And Pipe Fitting

    These people who work in steam and sprinklers usually deal with threading, cutting, or hammering pipes to specifications, using instruments like cutting torches, pipe threaders, or pipe benders. Their task is to construct or install diagrams and inspect plumbing systems or fixtures. Moreover, according to specifications, they are also engaged in planning pipe system layout, installation, or repair.

  • Central Processing And Service

    Aspirants have to perform duties specialized as Central Service Technician, including assigning equipment and distributing supplies to UCLA Health System. In addition, this position is a support position to patient care. Therefore, they provide assignments according to organizational goals.

  • Concreting, Masonry, And Framing

    A concrete trainer starts as a concrete mason. Like an apprentice, these people have little knowledge of the trade and are learning the skills and techniques required to become proficient. Mason is a tradesperson who gets skilled in the masonry profession. They work with different materials, including block, brick, and stone, to build structures.

top-paying jobs

Current Skilled Trades Jobs In Demand

In the upcoming years, the need for employees with a robust set of specific skills will continue to grow and rise. The Bureau of Labour Statistics has an outlook on different job positions and has determined which job titles will remain and increase demand over the next ten years. These occupations have remained in need in the past and are still projects to stay steadily in the market. Besides, you can go for some of the positions given below.

  1. HVAC Technician

    HVAC technicians have duties to install, repair and inspect heating and air conditioning systems. In addition, they are used to locate problems occurring in heating and air conditioning systems. Many of these technicians can conduct emergency repairs, installation, or cleaning the different units when needed.

  2. Electrician

    Electricians work with power units to install and repair them in houses or businesses. Their work is to ensure wiring and electrical systems are functioning correctly. These people need patience and knowledge to fix any of the electrical issues they find.

  3. Construction Manager

    Construction managers will serve in a leadership role as they overlook and direct construction employees to complete various construction projects. These managers also review the safety regulations listed for each site to ensure that employees meet each stated law. They are also responsible for selecting the tools or equipment to use and establishing each job’s budget.

Scope Of Skilled Trades Is Fruitful Or Not?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, tons of skilled trades careers are expected to grow fast by 2029. These positions are in many fields like electrical, medical, and service.

In contrast, Construction Managers and Landscape architects fall into top-paying jobs categories having an average net worth of $93,370 a year.

Coming to the highest paying trade jobs, the salaries of these careers get listed with the newest BLS information from 2021, where Construction Management, Pile Driver Operators, and Plumber are making an average salary of $97,180 per year.


According to the BLS experts, since the demand for these skilled trade workers ranges from steady to increasing quicker than others, these positions will run from 4% to 30% over the next decade. As the government is aiding and how the industries are rising, skilled trade workers are the future and would be in high demand. Therefore, it’s prime time to capitalize on the opportunity and enroll yourself with one of the best-skilled trade programs, and PTTI is one of the most acceptable options you can look for to start your journey now!

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