Drywall Finisher Education Requirements And Certifications

Becoming a drywall finisher allows you to contribute to new construction and renovation schemes. They work in commercial and residential settings, providing a broad range of potential projects. Learn about the education requirements and certifications of drywall finishers and preparation for openings in your area.

What Does A Drywall Finisher Do?

There are various skills involved in drywall finishing career. It is physically demanding work, including new installation and fixing damaged ceilings and walls in existing spaces. You will likely have to learn how to read blueprints to understand what is required for each job. Throughout the project, mudding is generally done with a hand trowel and includes going up and down ladders to reach all the areas of drywall that must be addressed. There are some tools, nonetheless, that put out the tape and mud at the same time, making the procedure go by more quickly. Finally, when coating, you must sand and reapply to get the desired finish level.

Most drywall finishers have to work full-time during weekdays. According to the BLS, the average pay for 2020 was over $59,000. This job pays better than an installer’s salary, which averages around $48,000 annually. The ten-year job outlook for finishers is regular as older workers retire. These workers earn more than those without a high school diploma, at $36,987 yearly. With no degree, they will make an average annual income of $36,667.

Educational Requirements For Becoming A Drywall Finisher

While no training is needed to become a drywall installer or finisher, there are a few ways to educate yourself to get ahead in the job.


High School Diploma

Employers generally want workers to have a high school diploma or GED before registering in a training program to finish drywall work. Math and shop classes are intelligent choices to focus on if you are still working on this step.

Apprenticeship Program 

Before becoming a full-time drywall finisher, one must finish an apprenticeship program or a trade school certification. With a reputed apprenticeship program, you spend 2-3 years training under a skilled or experienced finisher. The role is paid and could lead to a permanent job. Look for apprenticeship programs at construction firms or unions.

Trade School

Drywall Installation

Another opportunity is to enroll in a 2-year trade school program. This is not required, but the additional certification or associate’s degree could enable you to climb the ladder over time or set you up to begin your own business. A particular drywall program may not be available, but you could concentrate on a broader general contractor and still get the skills you require to succeed as a finisher.

What are Drywall Finisher Certifications?

Drywall finisher certification generally recognizes an individual’s expertise in finishing drywall. This certification helps employers specify qualified professionals and ensure that they hire people with the essential skills and knowledge to effectively and safely complete drywall projects. In addition, this certification lets drywall finishers indicate their commitment to accuracy, safety, and quality while proving their ability to elicit high-quality results.

This certification may lead to improved career opportunities with increased pay rates and open doors for progress within the industry. This certification can also ensure a job is completed efficiently and correctly. It can also help consumers since it is a sign of professional competence. Lastly, having this certification indicates to potential customers that you are faithful to offering them the best possible results. When considering a drywall finisher certification, consider the necessities for each program and select one that an acknowledged trade organization accredits. This will ensure that you obtain quality training and that your certificate is valid.


Becoming a drywall finisher allows you to pursue an engaging career path that takes you to various work settings. It is an ideal option to think about for people who love to be involved throughout the day and pay attention to detail.

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