Eight Blue-Collar Jobs That Pay 6 Figures

A skilled tradesperson is crucial to every aspect of our society and economy. People are now often pursuing jobs that pay 6 figures. Thus, to bag some of the trades jobs that pay 6 figures, apprenticeship programs may turn out to be quite beneficial. Currently, numerous trade schools offer professional trade programs at an adorable rate.

What Are That Eight Collar Jobs That Furnishes 6 Figure Salary

1. HVAC Technician

HVAC technicians have commitments to install, repair and inspect heating and air conditioning practices. After discovering the lines, many HVAC techs specialize in one domain or focus on new construction. HVAC technicians always have to be available in an unexpected system failure. Thus, functioning during odd hours like nights and weekends is normal.

They make an average salary of $35.36 annually. Trade schools degree or an HVAC program may possess blueprint interpretation, temperature control, equipment design, and mechanical operations. Apprenticeships are also available.

2. Plumbers

Plumbers install, repair, and maintain plumbing functions in homes, offices, and commercial buildings. They establish plumbing connections, like sinks and toilets, and repair instruments that use lines like dishwashers and washing machines. In fact, the plumbers make an hourly rate of  $91.50 on average.

Pipefitters and steamfitters are generally grouped with plumbers, but their tasks differ. Pipefitters normally operate on pipes that hold chemicals, acids, and gases in an industrial setting. Steamfitters work on pipes that bear gases or liquids at high pressures. Welding is generally a significant component of those skilled trade jobs.

3. Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians

Aircraft equipment technicians and mechanics employ maintenance and construct repairs on aircraft. Some study aircraft according to Federal Aviation Administration specifications. In their skilled trade jobs, aircraft mechanics secure electrical and mechanical problems, repair aircraft components, and use diagnostic equipment. These technicians make an hourly rate of $50 on average.

Avionics technicians analyze electronic instruments repair components as well as fix instrument panels. In addition, significant employers retain aerospace parts manufacturers as well as support services for air transportation.

4. Mechanical Insulator

A great blend of critical thinking and labor, mechanical insulators are essential to most trendy inventions. Boilers, air conditioning, and huge factory equipment all need proper insulation nestled by a skill insulator.

The national average salary of these insulator amounts to  $21.90. These workers recognize the scope and material requirement to insulate surfaces safely, then cut and apply the insulation. Like multiple trades, if you’re willing to do the job, you’ll never be hurting for sources of earnings as a mechanical insulator.

5. Construction Managers

One of the highest-paying skilled trades in demand is a construction manager, also called a project manager. They manage the projects from beginning to completion.

Their obligations include scheduling subcontractors, answering problems, preparing estimates, and documenting for clients. Construction management needs leadership, technical, and communication skills. Annual Salary for Top Earners is making 159,560.

The construction management education program equips graduates to endure construction workers. They also teach them to plan budgets and read blueprints and other professional documents.

skilled trades in demand

6. Electricians

Do electricians make six figures? That answer is definitely yes, with an annual salary for Top Earners at 102,550. Electricians fix, maintain, and install electrical power, lighting, communication, and managing operations in buildings. Some people prefer electrician apprenticeship programs covering essential electrical information, electronics, and safety, followed by a shorter apprenticeship.

Electricians who generally complete a trade program may opt for a shorter apprenticeship to acquire trades jobs. Besides, they gain electrical code requirements, fire alert systems, soldering, and blueprint interpretation skills. Likewise, contractor and union associations offer electrician apprenticeships.

7. Cement/Concrete Mason

There are plenty of jobs in every state that require concrete and cement in some form. Moreover, modern construction is based on this critical substance, and that represents cement masons are mere as critical! In fact, the average national Median Wage is $21.87 of these masons.

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, masonry job is increasing at a faster-than-average pace. There’s construction proceeding in every corner of the country. Therefore you’ll always have the next job remaining when the cement dries!

8. Elevator Mechanic

Can elevator mechanics make 6 figures? The answer is clearly yes, with an annual salary of $104,000. You know, an elevator mechanic specializes in all the platforms and motorized stairs that assist you in getting where you ought to go.

These technicians install and fix elevators, escalators, and even those portable walkways common at airports are all thanks to them! Fortunately, the revenue for this work averages out to be much higher than you might wish – and job expansion in this field is high!


You must avoid wasting time searching to find jobs that pay 6 figures. You can get the job fairs easily if you hold commands in your skills.

A career in trades needs apprenticeships, leading to employment offers while aspirants develop professional experience and earn money. Likewise, some counties are in great necessity of trades. A few of them include:- Drexel Hill, PA; Maple Shade, NJ; Haddonfield, NJ; Northeast Philadelphia and Southwest Philadelphia.

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