Our Career Fair was a major success


Academic Policies

Grades will be determined by a combination of instructor evaluation, hands-on assessments and tests. Each course has unique combinations of activities, learning, assessments, and tests, and is determined by the instructor who notifies students of how they are evaluated at the beginning of each class through the course syllabus. In general the following will be applied to component course grades: Midterm and final exams – 60%, tests, quizzes and Attendance – 10%, teacher evaluations – 30% and the minimum passing grade for a component course will be 70%. Student performance will be evaluated at the midpoint and last week of the course by the instructor. Grade reports will be given to the student at the completion of each component course. A copy of each student’s grade report for component courses will be kept in the student’s permanent record kept at the school. The instructors will grade and return all assignments in a timely fashion after the students’ completion of the given assignment.

Career Fair at Philadelphia Technician Training Institute was successful
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