How Can You Move Up In Sterile Processing?

A sterile processing program is deemed an entry-level job at many facilities. Several hospitals may see the role as entry-level, but the work these technicians handle is far from entry-level. Technicians who get employed without knowledge only sometimes realize the option they have in front of them. Even technicians that are strengthened within the department sometimes need to realize that there are numerous ways to advance and heighten their position. Learn how you can move in a sterile processing program.

What Are The Speciality Positions?

As a beginner or a newcomer, you would serve as a sterile processing technician or central service tech. The reason being is that at several facilities, they have a tiered system like:

  • Tech I
  • Tech II
  • Tech III
  • Lead
  • Supervisor

While at other facilities, these titles are the same, or they have no tags at all. They may have specialty positions like service specialists, instrument coordinators, and liaisons. So to reach the top, you must improve your skills and experience. To get to the top, these steps may help you:

Gain Certification To Increase Your Experience

The foremost step to advancing is to gain certification. There are two agencies to select from:

  • International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management (IAHCSMM)
  • Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD)

Both agencies deliver the initial certification for sterile processing, with several others you can obtain later. Before choosing research about both agencies, make your decision. Generally, hospitals will raise employees once they have acquired their initial certification. As far as extra credentials go, raises will rely on each facility. Nonetheless, if your facility does not recognize raises for additional sterile tech certification, it is always recommended that you pursue them anyways. Because knowledge is power, and with the extra knowledge, you become of higher significance to the hospital.

sterile tech certification

Getting More Involved Is The Key

Some people like to come to work, do their job and receive their paycheck, nothing less. That is fine as long as they do the work to the best of their capacity. But for all technicians that have more interest in their work and want to make a difference, it is suggested to get more involved. You could volunteer for special duties, attend conferences, and join a committee to get involved more.

With this advice again comes more knowledge, but more so than that is the capacity to network with other like-minded people and industry specialists and stay up to date on industry norms and best practices. You will be getting noticed soon, administrators will have heard your name, and recruiters may start contacting you. Before you learn it, you will be in demand. What they need is work that stays connected and committed to the continuously changing world of sterile processing job and seeks to better themselves.

In-Services Opportunities

Well, it has been mentioned several times that knowledge is excellent to excel in the job. In continuation, in-services are a tremendous opportunity for you to get one-on-one time with specialists from different companies. This is your opportunity to ask questions, get answers, and improve your skill set. These in-services are aimed at teaching you, so take advantage of that.

Improving Your Skills

Look for chances to streamline workflow, decrease the error rate, and solidify communication. It is significant to always get permission before making modifications and only make changes a spoonful at a time to evade overwhelming or upsetting staff. You can collaborate with management if there is a reasonable or more efficient way of accomplishing something. You will become prominent as a valuable asset as a sterile processor for your company.

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What Could Be The Outcomes Of These Practices?

When the time arrives for annual reviews, and your probable raise relies on your performance, you will have an arsenal of rationales as to why you deserve a top-tier raise. Or, that lead position finally opens, and you’d move up in strike processing. But, on the other hand, you’ve outgrown your facility, or they just do not have the budget for raises; you now have a remarkable resume that will land you your dream job in a sterile processing program. There is opportunity all around you. It is your job to take benefit of that. Sterile processing is an awarding career that you can be proud of. There is job security, pay is on the rise, and your bright future is waiting for you.

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