How Has The Welding Industry Changed During The Pandemic?

Amidst the pandemic, a lot has changed for a welder. In fact, the skilled trade industry has gained way more momentum. During difficult times, these jobs industry kept the nation running smoothly. Therefore, if you aspire to become a welder, then indeed, you must not give it a second thought!

What Are The Major Responsibilities Of A Welder?

A welder is mainly responsible for combining two or more metals to form a new structure. This task is quite essential, especially in the transportation industry or the construction industry. In general, welders are necessary for almost every sector that contributes to the overall development. Thus, the job role is indeed quite challenging.

A solderer has to adjust to numerous situations in the welding industry. A few of these include irregular working schedules, overtime working, and unexpected duty roles. Although welding is an essential skill, mastering it could solve many problems.

However, one needs to be quite careful when dealing with the welding equipment. You might have to wear safety headgears or gloves to prevent minor cuts and bruises. Indeed, beginner first-aid training could be of great help!

Can One Become A Solderer By Opting For A Professional Program?

One of the best things about welding as a profession is that you do not need a four-year degree or university qualification.

However, good experience and a welder degree can help you bag a highly paid job in the welding industry. Therefore, the essential requirement to enroll in a welding program is a high-school diploma.

Due to the progress in the transportation and building industry, the marketplace has expanded the reach of opportunities for welders. However, many enterprises had to shut down due to the pandemic, leaving people without their jobs. Thus, this could have possibly reduced the overall rate of employment.

There was a significant impact on the building and construction industry as well! Yet again, as things are slowly reopening, the number of jobs in welding is sure to increase.

Are Technical Colleges In Philadelphia Worth The Investment?

Yes! An excellent technical college in Philadelphia can help students demonstrate their overall working knowledge during the recruitment process. Apart from that, the advanced teaching methods in accredited colleges have modern technology too.

Thus, indeed, a student is sure to gain visual, verbal, and communication skills during their course of study. The overall duration of a welding course is about 26 weeks.

Accredited technical colleges have an overall placement rate of about 92 percent. Thus, one is sure to have a guaranteed job once they finish their course. Thus, this is unlike university students pursuing courses other than skilled trades.

Such students usually have to deal with uncertainty when it comes to job opportunities. Thus, indeed, seeking admission to an accredited technical college that provides good welder education can turn out to be quite beneficial.

Apart from that, students also get an opportunity to work practically and improve their skills. For example, as a professional welder, you might have to master time management, communication skills, and prior experience.

A few of the career opportunities in this field include welding, plumbing, pipefitting, automation, central processing, and professional automotive programs. Thus, do not give this a second thought, and browse for the best colleges today!

How High Is The Demand For Welders?

pipefitter training center

The demand for welders is very high at the moment. The overall employment rate is about 8 percent at the moment. Thus, this could be quite an ideal time to pursue such a career field. However, before you consider jumping into the welding industry, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind.

First, every state or region you work in will have its own set of rules and regulations. Apart from that, a few states might require a valid work permit or a legal welding license. However, other regions might only need a valid qualification or experience.

Today, many graduated students are working in high-paying cities. A few of these include Spring garden, Wynnfield Heights, Overbook Park, and Wynnfield Haddington.

Second, joining an apprenticeship program can increase your chances of bagging a senior-level post. A student can enroll in an apprenticeship program during their course of study. In fact, these programs help students to earn a decent salary while studying. Besides, one can also gain hands-on training skills during their tenure.

Third, welding work isn’t challenging at all. However, it is pretty hard. Students have to undergo vigorous training sessions to excel in the welding industry. Since modern technology is continuously evolving, the overall productivity in the welding industry has peaked!

Yet again, it is crucial for individuals to know how to use advanced machinery in any professional setting!


Indeed, welders not only perform their duties but contribute plenty of services to the community. Apart from that, every industry is constantly in need of such professionals.

Once you opt for this career field, you will have many forthcoming opportunities on your plate. The earning you will be making are also going to be quite remarkable. The annual wage as a solderer will be enough for a decent living.

Today, the overall demand has been steadily growing. Besides, this increase was very significant, especially during the pandemic period. However, the pandemic helped many individuals to give their future career plans a second thought. Therefore, if you aspire to become a professional solderer, consider enrolling in a professional welding certification program today!

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