How Many Skilled Trades Are There?

Ever felt like tricking your best friends when they start to earn only after four years of college, while you did that in just months? Sounds interesting, right? This would help not just to con your friends but also to outlast your career. Well, to bring this idea to reality, Skilled Trades are all you need. Skilled trades are professions that demand the incumbent to possess a specific predetermined set of skills and attributes.

Just imbibe the skills in you, and there you have it; the perfect satisfactory life, great earnings, and flexible work requirements.

How much do skilled trades pay?

Already caught your attention with the prospect of earning more than your friends and that too early! So let’s have a look. How much would you?

Well, if you get into the welding industry, you can easily make up to $20 per hour on average. The sterile processing industry offers you an hourly wage of about $17. You could make $28 in an hour as a plumber, while as a construction laborer, you could earn $18per hour.

List of skilled trades in demand

welding is one of the skilled trades in high demand

Not just two or three there and highly diverse and different types of skilled trades that you can opt for if you are passionate enough. These trades in high demand make you rich and play a significant role in making you a better person by infusing qualities of patience, hard work, diligence, practicality, and versatility in you. Let’s have a look at the list of skilled trades in demand:

  • Welding
    This skilled trade requires you to join metal objects by melting them using intense heat produced electrically. You may be asked to work indoors or outdoors. Occasionally, you may have to lift heavy objects and also work in awkward positions.  Welding is needed almost everywhere, from houses to shipyards to automobile and bridge construction.Most commonly, you would work for 40-hours a week and would be paid even extra. As a Welder, you should possess general knowledge of machines, tools, and computers. Being a technological noob in today’s era does not help.

    It would help if you also had good hand coordination as you would assemble objects. You should also be proficient in mathematics and English.

  • Automotive Service Technician
    An Automotive Service Technician holds the responsibility to work in the automotive field. As an incumbent, you will have to perform General shop practice, automotive fundamentals, engine operations, basic tests of equipment, electrical systems, running gear, clutches.
    You also should have good knowledge of transmissions, steering systems, braking systems, mathematics, and, most importantly, safety protocols. This industry assures you a median wage of about $39,000 and expects a 10 Year Growth Rate of 14.3%.
  • Construction And Masonry
    As a construction worker, you will have to work on construction sites and construct floors, walls, ceilings, curbs, and sidewalks. As in the masonry industry, you should understand the design and control of various types of concrete mixtures. This industry pays you off amazingly at a median of $49,000 and expects a Year Growth Rate of 9.7% in the next ten years.
  • Plumbing And Pipefitting
    As a plumber and pipefitter, you should know how to use and read blueprints and project specifications to construct and repair water, chemicals, and steam carrying systems. You should know how to install, test and maintain these systems in place, using technical appliances to guarantee the safety of the pipes and the entire system.You are expected to be ready to know a wide variety of materials like steel, copper, plastic, and alloys, of which these piping systems are generally made. The average annual wage of a pipefitter is $49,000, and the industry is expected to grow by 10.6% in the next ten years.
  • Electrician
    As this tradesman, you cannot do without being certified and specialized in the electrical wiring of buildings and houses. You may also be assigned the onus of installation of new electrical components and the maintenance and repair of existing ones.
    You are working with electricity! Beware! Follow all the safety protocols lest the electric shock burns your hair, as they show in animes. The average annual wage is $50,000, and the industry may grow by 7.4% in the next 10/years.
  • Central Service And Sterile Processing
    skilled trade programs in central service and sterile processing


Sterile processing technicians in hospitals are responsible for sterilizing and cleaning medical devices used during crucial medical surgeries. In addition, a central service and sterile processing technician is also required to also deal with other aseptic procedures like catheterization, stitching, and bandaging of medical wounds. The average salary of a Sterile Processing Technician in the United States is $17 per hour.

To get into these trades in high demand, you need to receive some formal training, and a trade school is the best place to go. A certification through skilled trade programs is all that you need to start earning as a tradesperson.


These people ready skilled trades to welcome all those who are passionate to get into them. To develop the necessary skills and not create a mess in the industry, make sure to join a skilled trade program and learn from the industry-experienced instructors and educators present in these trade schools.

The certification you’d receive on completing the trade school’s certification course would stand as proof that you are reliable and won’t end up a raging fire in a place that already suffered from a short circuit (lol).

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