How Much Money Do Electricians Make?

An electrician is a person who engages with a lot of things. Like transmission lines, stationary machines, the wiring of buildings, and other related tools and equipment. Industrial electricians work to repair the existing electrical infrastructure and install new electrical components. They also have expertise in wiring ships, airplanes, other mobile platforms, and data and cable lines. An industrial electrician’s salary may vary by abilities, geographical location, and work history.

The great thing about the Electrical industry is your desire to learn new techniques and skills and have a good work ethic. As a result, you can advance your career and increase your salary rapidly.

As for job consideration, the electrical field is not going anywhere. Due to new construction projects and older electrical systems degradation, there will always be a high need for industrial electricians. According to the BLS statistics, the average salary for electricians was $61,550 per year in 2020. In comparison, the top 10 percent of workers earned more than $98,720.

Where the lowest ten percent earned close to $33,810. Electricians make salaries depending on what industry they work in. The following list includes the top sectors for electricians.

    • Natural Gas Distribution – $106,280
    • Marketing and Promoters – $93,230
    • Land Subdivision – $99,780
    • General Merchandise Stores – $88,970

How To Become An Electrician Today?

People’s lives are made more accessible and more comfortable by lights, electric appliances, and other types of equipment. So to answer your question on how to become an electrician. First, you must be at least a high school graduate, then proper training, followed by experience. An electrician must install electrical wiring on construction sites in businesses and our new homes.

Electricians repair, install and maintain electrical equipment in commercial, industrial, and residential settings. They’re primarily in charge of the electrical, lighting, and communication systems. some of their responsibilities in becoming an electrician are :

    • to install the New wiring systems and to repair the existing networks.
    • Identifying the faults in electrical system equipment such as ammeters and voltmeters.
    • To inspect and maintain the circuit breakers and other electrical components.
    • Repair or replace the wiring and electrical fixtures with hand and power tools.
    • To undergo in the field of an electrician, you must consider the following points.
    • Learn the technical training and gain job experience required to qualify for a journeyman license
    • To become licensed as a Journeyman Electrician, pass the required examination.
    • Gain the knowledge and criteria needed to become an electrician
    • Finally, become a licensed independent electrician.

What Do You Learn In The Electrician Program?

Electrician programs blend the theory and practice of electrical systems. Aspirants in this field go to various electrician schools and apprenticeships to train students to become electricians.

During the terms of your program, you will work 2000 hours for a five-year program with other electrical workers. Moreover, you will also go to school for 800 hours during those five years. Earning starts at a percentage of full journeyman pay and increases with graduation.

Why Opt For The Best Electrician School?

With the growing demand for commercial and industrial electricians. Knowing various electrician schools that offer hands-on training and classrooms is essential. These schools provide the required hands-on training of an apprenticeship.

While also providing a classroom atmosphere where students can learn about electrical systems and theories. This further familiarises them with the National Electronic Code standard. Hence, a good education can make the difference between an entry-level electrician. And one who has the expertise to work with these complex systems and technology.

electrician apprenticeship program

The electrician apprenticeship program is a professional training program where a company engages a person. As an apprentice, and gains classroom learning for a short period, followed by on-the-job training. As an electrician, you focus on construction and maintenance.

You have the critical thinking and the skills required to install and maintain electrical systems in homes and businesses. Furthermore, if you have experience, you can start your own business and become self-employed.

On the other hand, you can become a site manager or electrical design engineer. Or even move into consultancy as well. If this sounds interesting, the Philadelphia technology training institute provides these training certification programs.

Working As An Electrician Requires Specific Abilities:

    • Manual dexterity: An electrician must have good eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity.
    • Color vision: Normal color vision is essential as these people must identify wires by color.
    • Physical fitness and a good balance: They work at high elevations and maybe on their feet all day. In addition, they have to lift heavy weights.
    • Analytical skills: They must decide the suitable device for testing various problems. And then figure out the best solutions among other alternatives.
    • Ability to work on a team: Many electricians work with limited supervision and in a group.


The field of industrial electricians is estimated to grow by 10% faster than all other occupations from 2018 to 2028. In addition, an increase in construction spending will drive the need for electricians. Electricians can perform many tasks. Like industrial component wiring, electronic systems repair, and solar panel installation, and therefore have the best job possibilities. The employment of electricians changes with the economy.

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