How to Become a Plumber or PipeFitter? Career Roadmap and Education Requirements

While looking for a Plumber or PipeFitter school, you must have a question ‘Should I become a Plumber?’. This article will answer your question in detail to make an informed decision about the Plumbing career and pipefitter school.

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5 Steps to Becoming a Plumber:

Step 1: Get informed and Learn about Plumber or PipeFitter

Get notified about the Plumbing job roles and skills required for it. Check if the Job role suits you and determine whether a Plumbing Career is right for you. Speak with local Plumbers or PipeFitters to learn about Plumbing careers, or you can also spend a day with them to understand how they work the whole day.


Step 2:  Pursue training in a plumbing Certification Course

Many pipe fitter training institutes offer educational Skilled Trades programs in Plumbing. However, you can research and look for the best Technical Trade School that provides Certified Training courses. Also, look for if the Technical School has enough space for Hands-on Training and advanced tools & Equipment for you to have industry-standard learning. Some of the schools can have 6-month training programs to one year of training programs. One such school that covers all these qualities is Philadelphia Technician Training Institute.

Check what’s inside the best trade school in Philadelphia –

Plumber/PipeFitter students learn about welding pipes, pipe systems, Math, Blueprint Reading, and various other Skills.

Joining a Trade school and Taking their program also help you in career services. Some pipe fitter training institutes help you in soft skills that help you in interviews, help in resume writing, and have excellent Employer relations, which can aid you in getting the job you deserve.

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Step 3: Acquire a PipeFitter Apprenticeship

After you have completed your training from a trade school, you can quickly get Apprenticeship training via a pipefitter trade school. The pipefitter training program takes six months, consisting of job training under a Licensed Plumber or a PipeFitter.

Step 4: Get Licensed 

Some states in the USA require you to become licensed to work, though the requirements may vary across various states.

For example, In Pennsylvania, you must have 3-4 years of experience. While in New York, you must require licensing at the city level instead of the state level. Based on the state you are in, you can check the requirements here –

Here are the ten states and Metropolitan areas with the highest employment for Plumbing/PipeFitter Jobs –

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Step 5: Progress in your Professional Plumbing/PipeFitting Career

After getting trained at a pipefitter trade school, acquiring an apprenticeship, and licensing, you can start building your professional career individually and become self–employed or join a great company, depending on your skill and interest.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median Salary of a Plumber is $55,160 per year, and 14% employment growth in the Plumbing/ PipeFitter career, which is much higher than other occupations.

Check out a Video Testimonial of our Plumbing Alumni –


    1. Get Education from a Well known Technical School
    2. Acquire License and Certifications
    3. Gain Experience
    4. Entrepreneurial Skills

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