How To Become Automotive Technician In Just 3 Steps?

If you’ve always been fascinated by the engine, it sounds like an excellent way to spend your afternoon. But, do the latest models and upgrades enchant you? If you want to proceed with your education, a career as an automotive technician may be the direction you have been searching for.

Automotive technicians frequently inspect, repair, and maintain cars and light trucks in a body shop or dealership setting. Cars increasingly depend on electronic gadgets and computers but set aside any preconceived ideas you may have about auto techs being replaced by mechanical repairs. The number of vehicles constantly increases as more cars are manufactured daily. In 2010 in the U.S., over two hundred and fifty million highway-registered vehicles were built, over one hundred and ninety million of which were passenger cars, as per the Bureau of Transportation Statistics U.S. Department of Transportation.

Even though these automobiles are built well, they still require repairs and maintenance to operate reliably. Even if cars don’t have any significant structural drawbacks, the suggested maintenance schedule should be followed to ensure the car’s longevity and safety. In addition, while computers can do a lot, skilled technicians are still required to make judgment calls on diagnostic tests and physically make essential repairs.

Become An Automotive Technician

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As per the U.S. BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average salary for technician automotive in 2020 was $46,760. To become a technician, you must complete some postsecondary education and training. These training programs cost $5,000 to $20,000, much less than education for a traditional bachelor’s degree, which can amount to that much in just one year. If you are interested in working with cars, now is the time. While demand is high, you can become an auto tech in 3 retailer steps. These are as follows:

Get A Formal Training From An Accredited Automotive Technician Program

Anyone can walk into a body shop and learn about the technician job. But if you go down that path, you will have a lot of work to catch up to your more knowledgeable and experienced co-workers. Also, auto technicians do more than just work on cars, as a lot of the job entails computer work; this element may even need additional training. While automotive technology is a hands-on job, it requires specific skills and technological know-how. This in-depth understanding and knowledge come from training in an accredited program that provides more than just the basics. Many organizations offer an accredited automotive technician career training program with access to professionals and leading employers to aid the students’ path to success.

Gain Experience With On-The-Job Training

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An essential part of becoming a skilled automotive mechanic has the chance to practice those skills. While a thorough education will equip you, job training will sharpen those skills, so they become second nature. To become a qualified senior technician, you must complete 2-5 years of on-the-job training before becoming a technician’s assistant or lubrication specialist. For instance, you must begin as a trainee and work your way up. Then, as you become comfortable with the skills and knowledge about all types of repairs, you can move up and achieve more responsibilities. At reputed organizations, there are a ton of opportunities for internships that help graduates attain success.

Get ASE Certification To Show Your Qualifications

You are qualified to test for certification after finishing an automotive technician training program and attaining one year of experience as an auto technician or two years of work experience. The National Institute for ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) is an autonomous non-profit organization that works to enhance the quality of vehicle repair. The auto tech programs prepare learners to take the ASE certification exam. With this certificate, you will be a trusted automotive technician to the employer and client.

With the assurance of a growing field, good topics to pique your interest, and ample chance to get started, the path is cleared for you to create your future in the three steps. So, start your education and training today to become an automotive technician!

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