How to Tell When You Are Ready To Join A Professional Automotive Repair Program

Every budding professional requires technical training courses in their area of practice to sharpen their skills and get abreast of new technological developments and industry dynamics in their domain. Philadelphia Technician Training Institute (PTTI) runs a comprehensive automotive repair program. It is a training program for automotive repair and maintenance wherein budding professionals looking to sharpen their skills in automotive repair can gain practical and theoretical knowledge. Let’s look at some of the pre-requisites to this automotive repair program, arrangements to be considered by each student, and setting expectations from the course.

What Are The Pre-Requisites for Joining the Automotive Repair Classes?

There is a certain clarity in terms of amassing knowledge, chartering a career path, and having the right kind of background & paperwork to pursue that same that comes as a prelude to this course. Here are some considerations in line with the same:

    • An inclination to gain a deeper understanding of automotive anatomy and automotive repair & maintenance toward a career
    • Attach a professional course to the student’s already ongoing pursuit of establishing a career in automotive repair.
    • Completion of high school diploma or an equivalent course.
    • Possession of a Driver’s License.
    • Holding a US Citizenship, legal residence, or otherwise permitted under law to study in the United States of America.

In addition to the above, once the admission procedure begins for the student, there are specific qualifications for qualifying for admission. These include:

    • Participate and qualify in the Personal Admission Interview.
    • Achieve appropriate scores in the required aptitude and mathematics tests.
    • Finally, take the Wonderlic SLE Exam at the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute office.

Philadelphia Technician Training Institute will evaluate the student’s aptitude, professional and academic background, and motivation to be part of this course. They should also be at least 18 years of age to qualify for admission to this course.

What to Expect from PTT’s Automotive Repair Training Program?

It is essential for students joining this course to align their expectations with the course outline and outcome. Here are some of the broad outcomes and results a student can expect as key takeaways from this course:

    • Becoming an expert in the total anatomy of automotive
    • Understating the scope of repair in various parts of the automotive and mastering techniques to execute the same
    • Troubleshooting routine and extraordinary maintenance issues in automotive
    • Gaining comprehensive insight from instructors regarding industry dynamics and the automotive market at large
    • Understanding the functioning and application of newer technologies in automotive repair to become a great automotive repair technician

For a deeper understanding of the nuances of this course, approach the team at PTTI. You will understand the vast benefits awaiting you at the end of this academic program at our automotive repair school.

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