Increase In The Demand For Skilled Trade Jobs!

In the present technologically advanced world, people with skilled trade jobs make modern life possible and comfortable. We highly rely on people who have mastered their skilled trade jobs. From the plumbing work running under your floor to the electric work across the walls.

Skilled tradespeople are some of the highly valued and hard-earned individuals. Building career pathways is critical for the smooth functioning of all societies. There are plenty of job opportunities in skilled trades in Philadelphia.

What Is a Skilled Trade?

Skilled trades require special skills, abilities, and knowledge of a particular field. They include professions wherein candidates can enter with high-school training or license and do not require a bachelor’s degree.

The demand projections are set to increase through the end of 2021 and into 2023. Those looking for a career change or better employment opportunities in a skilled trade can attain the required training. Let us look at some of the most skilled trade jobs in demand in recent times.

Top paying trades

Let’s look at some of the highest-paying skilled trades in the industry.

  • Welder

National average salary: $17.89 per hour

Welding technology described in layman’s terms is a universally accepted methodology in the fabrication process for joining materials (mainly thermoplastics and metals) together. These materials individually are called workpieces. The welding industry has extended its applicability to massive industrial growth and is predicted to contribute about USD 10 billion by 2026.

With increased industrial development, 43,000 job openings are projected annually for welding professionals. With a unique curriculum for welding education, PTTI offers a Welding Certification/apprenticeship  Program as one of PA’s prominent welding tech schools. You will receive training to acquire all the required skills that will enable you to excel in the career of your choice.

  • Automotive Technicians:

The automotive repair and maintenance services industry in the US includes about 160,000 establishments. The industry accounts for a combined annual revenue of approximately $115 billion.

With over 230500 people employed in this industry with an expected annual growth rate of 1.7%, the future careers as automotive technicians are bright when trained properly in automotive training/ automotive certification programs.

  • Plumber

National average salary: $25.28 per hour

The plumber’s Job Market is projected to grow by 14% from 2018 to 2028. The Total Number of Jobs required across the country is 500,300, much higher than other technical professions.

The median salary of an experienced (intermediate) Plumber is $55,160 per year which increases proportionally with experience. Grab your opportunity and register at Philadelphia Technical Institute as there are only ~15000 plumbers in the PA state and a massive scope for employment.

Technician programs

  • Electrical Technician

National average salary: $25.93 per hour

The Electrical Technician Program is one of the most prominent settings to build a career with higher pay with a $55,190 median annual salary in 2018 and expected growth of 10% for electrical workers by 2028.

There are numerous Technical Trade Schools in Philadelphia that offer Electrical Technician Programs. Philadelphia Technician Training Institute gives you the Electrical course that makes you industry-ready with proper certifications and skills. Electrical Training includes some basic math and physics skills that need you to be a little more involved.

Statistics of specific skilled trade jobs with higher demand

skilled trade jobs in demandThe apprenticeship model in modern times includes highly critical occupations for a nation’s development. Higher Demand for tradespeople in the workforce is observed, with technology and infrastructure development around the corner.

  • Skilled construction workers (57%)
  • Steamfitters and pipefitter helpers (55%)
  • Electricians (64%)
  • Machinists (52%)
  • Plumbers (47%)
  • Welders (43%)
  • Construction Occupations (79%)
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Industrial Mechanics (70%)

Philadelphia Technician Training Institute

In the current uncertain and dynamic economic conditions, education coupled with practical know-how is very crucial. Education programs need to focus on imparting technical knowledge and also facilitate their graduates to find a job. Students search for the top trade school in Philadelphia to attain the best career path and get job opportunities in a skilled trade.

PTTI believes in imparting a technology-driven education to the youth to enable them to secure great technical careers. And eventually, give a direction to their lives. Therefore, the school’s programs mainly focus on hands-on training with both online and classroom curricula.

In the present generation, the only way to gain technical and sustainable employment is to know how to interact with technology and trade. Therefore, PTTI assists its students with the best training and industrial know-how to attain the best career.

PTTI offers many programs. Here are six independent programs for different industries:

  • Automotive Repair
  • Manufacturing & Automation
  • Welding Technology
  • Sterile & Central Processing
  • Concreting, Masonry & Framing
  • Steam, Sprinkler & Pipe-fitting

PTTI’s curriculum provides appropriate technical education that encourages high expectations for success. Our education system- the skilled trade programs allow individuals with varied knowledge. And learning styles to acquire technological and soft skills and secure long-term employment in diverse industries.

Our vision is compatible with the Pennsylvania STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) initiative. We aim to dramatically increase the number of professionals and students entering STEM-related careers. (mainly the underrepresented, females, and minorities).

The Instructors at PTTI are experts in their respective fields and equipped with real-world industrial experience. Therefore, students are trained and provided with the best education with real-world, hands-on experience and technical knowledge.

The focus of the PTTI Faculty is to ensure that our students secure employment and build a career for themselves. We assist the students by providing resume writing, the interview, and making the students ready for the real world outside.

Our Instructors are closely involved in crafting tests, evaluations of Grades, and conducting hands-on assessments. Our Instructors guide and notify the students and make them understand how they evaluate them. Students receive immense employment opportunities in skilled trades in Philadelphia.

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