Independence Day instills a sense of liberty in young hearts

The degree of freedom in our nation has been a topic of frequent discussion and debate. The residents believe that they are nevertheless bound by the restrictions of society. Since freedom is such a subjective concept, everyone has their definition.

Although not everyone may experience freedom in the same way, the general definition of freedom is the capacity to act as honorable citizens of a nation. People in the nation are not quite happy with their amount of freedom as things are right now.

Many individuals disapprove of youth and ignore them, claiming that they are influenced by the liberal narrative or that they are too young to make their own decisions. However, the youth want to set themselves apart from these ideas. Freedom for the young generation is important. 

The 4th of July is celebrated as Independence Day in the USA. Independence day honors the importance of the young generation. Youth should not be denied the right to make choices. It may be about their education, occupation, or the country in which they wish to live. These are all aspects of their rights. Being at ease in your skin. Independence means having self-assurance, being sure of who you are, and being content with who you are.

There may be people in the world who disagree, but that shouldn’t matter. Americans are expected to uphold a certain image, and to do so, you must establish your eligibility. Who should be required to do that? Why should someone have to provide evidence that they cherish their nation, their motherland? Similarly, the young generation are questioned on every step. 

Although the concept of freedom is incredibly individualized, everyone in this nation has a right to feel free. Why should young people feel alienated in their nation? Claiming that young people are the nation’s future and that we have high expectations for them is not enough. We should also be conscious of the services and the benefits we have already denied them.

young generation

Independence day instills a sense of patriotism in the hearts of youth. And these are the true meaning of patriotism. They are not merely empty platitudes. Patriotism is something that cannot be expressed in words. It is a feeling of dedication that touches everyone’s heart. 

It is not a rule that must be observed or a task that must be completed. A citizen’s patriotism serves as a bridge to his motherland. If liberty is the soul’s oxygen, then patriotism is the raw material for that oxygen. 

We are all born in a particular nation. There is awe and respect for mother and motherland. All of its countrymen’s pride derives from its pride. Therefore, it is our privilege to preserve its pride and dignity. All devotions and good deeds pale in comparison to patriotism. PTTI believes in youth freedom. 

At PTTI, we are aware of the meaning of independence to the young generation. The youth today face constant mental fatigue, uncertainty, and lack of opportunities. We understand the meaning of independence day and encourage the youth to chase their dreams. At PTTI, we have been assisting the youth of every ethnicity in living an empowered life. 

PTTI is helping the youth make careers in several trade skills. Automation, welding, electrician, and construction jobs are some of the many skills taught at PTTI. We provide a range of trade skill programs specific to the youth of the Philadelphia community. 

In addition, PTTI has counselors and guides helping youth realize their strengths. PTTI believes in the empowerment of the young generation of the nation. We care for their future and dreams.  The counselors get students ready for a job by teaching them trade skills. PTTI also provides social services if necessary to students. 


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