Is It Worthy To Do Electrician Apprenticeship?

People often wonder about becoming an electrician and pursuing an electrician apprenticeship program. You can start the electrician career by enrolling in electrician trade school books, followed by an electrician apprenticeship to gain knowledge and experience. With the help of apprenticeship programs, you can secure your electrician dream job without a four-year degree.

What Is An Apprentice Electrician?

Like electrician trainees, apprentices are practically entry-level electricians just beginning to get the knowledge and training they need to become journeyman electricians. Apprentices work in the area under the guidance of journeymen and professional electricians. Electrician apprentice jobs start by performing actual work.

An electrician apprenticeship is a procedure someone goes through to acquire the abilities and hands-on experience they need to serve a licensed electrician. One of the things about being an electrician is that you earn significantly alongside what you learn. And as you attain more skills and experience, you can expand your earnings as you obtain your four- to six-year apprenticeship program.

Requirements To Get Into An Electrical Apprenticeship

To be competent to become an electrician apprentice, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Having a high school diploma or GED
  • Be physically eligible to do the work of an electrician
  • Passing a color blindness test
  • Passing a drug test
  • Providing a DMV printout
  • Having one year of algebra or passing a math assessment test
  • Participating in an in-person interview

You may sometimes be required to pass a written aptitude test to commence electrician job training. After you finish your aptitude test, you’ll be informed and scheduled for an interview. Unfortunately, some apprenticeships approve a limited number of applications each year, implying you may need to wait some months to receive a callback. After receiving the call, they will take a gull-scale interview to test your personality.

How Long Does It Take To Complete An Electrical Apprenticeship?

Electrician apprenticeship training

Electrician apprenticeship training generally compels about four weeks of classroom training per year; the slightest amount of training expected by law is 144 hours per year. Apprenticeship programs typically take 4 to 5 years to complete.

How Much Do You Make As An Apprentice Electrician?

An electrician apprenticeship pay depends on the organization or union managing your program. It usually starts at $12.50 per hour during your first job year. But after a few years on the job, it may increase to around $18 to $24 per hour. However, working as an apprentice electrician arrives with substantial benefits, encompassing medical insurance, coverage of training costs, and retirement plans.

Is Becoming An Apprentice The Best Way To Become An Electrician?

The answer to this depends on your situation and circumstances. If you want to make money now and need more norms of paying for a trainee program, becoming an apprenticeship electrician is the least costly way of becoming an electrician.

However, it should not be said that apprenticeships enable you to get free training. It takes numerous years in an apprenticeship program to understand the technical knowledge you need to become an electrician.


Before pursuing the apprenticeship program, you should know that wages are governed by the apprenticeship program you accompany and state law. Once you pass the test and interview, working the hours essential to become a journeyman electrician is just a matter. Before you become a journeyman, you have the technical training out of the way; odds are you will be prepared to get jobs with considerably better pay.

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