Is Plumbing A Good Career In Philadelphia, PA?

As the nation develops, an increase in demand for plumbers will always be exponential. If you plan to be an aspiring plumber, then this is a read for you! Although there are many plumber schools today, it becomes imperative to opt for a reputed school. You can continue working in different states with an accredited degree or certificate. Most places such as Camden County or Bucks County in Philadelphia may or may need a plumbing license. Therefore, consider enrolling in reputed plumber schools only!

Today, many people earn a decent income in plumbing. Apart from that, a job is almost guaranteed even when you are pursuing your plumbing certification course. After you finish your plumbing training, you can then join a company as an apprentice or open your own business to earn that six-figure salary.

However, a plumbing apprenticeship may seem ideal since there are many incoming benefits once a student starts gaining experience. In addition, many of the students work in high-paying counties such as Camden County, Delaware County, Chester County, Bucks County, and more

What Are The Job Responsibilities Of Plumbers?

Plumbers deal with the maintenance, installation, and proper functioning of pipes carrying water and other fluids. Considering water systems in most constructed buildings, almost every industry needs plumbers today. Besides, trade schools’ plumbing certification could be of great help since students gain in-depth knowledge about the various aspects of plumbing.

Once enrolled, one can complete the course in a span of about 26 to 31 weeks. After that, however, some jurisdictions might ask for a working permit or a plumbing license permit to continue working as a plumber. Apart from that, a few of these places offer high salary ranges to their plumbers as well.

How High Is The Demand For Licensed Plumbers At The Moment?

The demand for licensed plumbers has always been high. Besides, the employment growth rate is expected to grow by about 7% up till 2030.

However, if you wish to be a plumber, you shouldn’t wait any longer. Instead, enroll in a plumber class and work as an apprentice side-by-side. If time permits, you can also earn extra by doing part-time jobs or opening your own small business. There have been certain students in PTTI from Spring Garden, Yorktown, and Glenwood, who started their small businesses from home even during pandemic times while they were completing the program.

Is Becoming A Plumber Quite Hard?

There is no doubt that the job and the responsibilities of a plumber are pretty hard. One will have to undergo strenuous training to learn many complicated procedures and problem-solving issues. Besides, overtime may also be a common issue in such an energetic field since plumbers might have to pick up anxious calls from customers about their pipe leakage problems at home, considering the varying times.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you have any critical plumbing work at midnight! Indeed, the daily responsibilities of a plumber are no joke. They do not only carry out their work activities but also serve society at the same time.

This good aspect about plumbers makes it an ideal option to pursue this career. You can now join an advanced plumber training program to learn more about your career opportunities.

plumber class

Is It Possible For Plumbers To Earn Six-Figure Salaries?

Yes! It is absolutely possible for plumbers to earn six-figure salaries. However, the journey to becoming an experienced plumber has tremendous challenges. And one may even have to wait for years to bag a high-earning salary through their own business or any other reputable company.

Before you opt to be a plumber, you must know that plumbing isn’t a career for everyone. Not everyone will earn six-figure salaries as a plumber unless they take up the next necessary steps. Consistent efforts, hard work, punctuality, and of course good plumber schools are all the elements that can make you a successful plumber in the future!

Apart from that, a master’s level in plumbing could also help you bag a high-paying job position. In general, one may then shift to flexible schedules and spend a lot of time with their families. However, a master-level plumbing course can turn out to be way more advanced than you think. Therefore, do not give this a second thought, and enroll in a plumbing school today!


Indeed, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that plumbing is a good and respectable career in the USA. With an approved license, you can continue working in different states of the USA. However, an apprenticeship for plumbing can also be a huge advantage in gaining hands-on experience in plumbing.

Therefore, embark on this beautiful journey and enroll in a plumbing certification program today!

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