Is There A Growing Demand For Welders?

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Welders in 2021 earned a median salary of $45,190 per year or $20.25 per hour. As a matter of fact, welding is among the top-paying skilled trades in the world. Moreover, it is also a viable welding career since the requirement to begin learning the trade is usually a high school diploma (or GED).

This makes the welding occupation a worthwhile and rewarding profession for those that enter it. Of course, Payscale differs based on the actual job. For instance, underwater welders are likely to earn more than topside welders working in construction. But, generally speaking, compensation for the welding career is pretty good.

Besides, welding jobs do not require formal education beyond high school or a GED, but they often need welding apprenticeships or training. Despite there being a push toward automation in industrial manufacturing, the need for human welders will remain high because there are some tasks that human operators best complete.

Future Demand For Welders Will Continue

As per the American Welding Society, the occupation will encounter a shortage of about 200,000 welders by 2025. With the shortage of welders, welding will be a reliable career choice for years to come, with various job opportunities for those wanting to enter this industry.

Meanwhile, there is no denying that welding automation does allow for higher productive and repeatable quality. Indeed, there will always be areas where robotic welding will not be possible. However, the mobility and agility of skilled welders will never be going to replace by automation.

Handsome Welding Job Opportunities That You Can Consider

There is an advantage in welding when you are a certified welder there are several different jobs and careers that one can opt for. Indeed some of them are higher paying than others, but all of them are pretty exciting.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can consider:

Shipbuilding and Repair

Many ships require watertight joints to automate. Welding is the most effective way to combine two pieces of metal to fulfill that result. Apart from that, cruise ships employ welders as part of their maintenance team. Moreover, employers may hire welders working in shipyards or travel to different ports to inspect and repair ships as they land. At the same time, welders are employed as part of a ship’s permanent crew to ensure the vessel’s safety and function while in transit.

Autobody Technician

People make cars using metal and aluminum, and welders play an essential role in repairing and maintaining motor vehicles. They can find these jobs at garages, dealerships as well as in collision repair centers.

Underwater Welders

This type of welding is not for the faint of heart it requires welding certification and proper welding training programs. Besides, it is a high-risk position. Therefore, it also carries the highest compensation rates. Apart from that, you may see underwater welders at great depths offshore, in dry conditions, or near-shore in shallower waters produced by a hyperbaric chamber.

Construction Welders

Welding jobs are most common in the construction industry. Nevertheless, many construction projects use metal in their processes. Residential and commercial construction provide a range of different opportunities because the needs of each vary widely.

Indeed, welders in residential construction often work with the piping that carries water and gas to and from the house. Hence, these welders will also need to understand plumbing to ensure that all lines are appropriate to make by them.

welding career

Custom Car Builds and Modifications

For people who are into cars, this welding job is a dream come true.

Welding classes offer skills with a combination of mechanical knowledge that can lead to working in a custom shop building performing restorations or tricking out cars to client specifications.


Boilermakers are those welders specialized in installing and repairing boilers or large-scale containers made to hold gases and liquids. Similarly, this job can be physically demanding as welders often work in tight spaces with high humidity levels and temperatures.

Land A High-Paying Welding Job With The Proper Training

Although the demand for welders is on the rise, employers continue to favor welders who have undergone training. They give preferences to those persons who have relevant welder training and can use proper safety practices. Moreover, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) says that over 80 percent of U.S. manufacturers and other traders have complained that they cannot find enough skilled workers to meet the ongoing welding demand.

How Long Are Welding Trade Schools?

Aspirants who wish to become welding engineers, the good news is that aspirants don’t have to spend years in school trying to catch a degree but have to get hands-on training. Indeed, there are great programs available at welding schools and colleges.

Plus, there are different ways to acquire the skills you need to land a dream welding job, and one of them is to attend a trade school to learn the craft of welding. In addition, some industries, like construction, may provide on-the-job training, and all you need to do from there is gain experience and maybe do some skills training outside of work hours if you dream of settling on a different welding career.

Some desirable welding positions may require specific certifications. The amount of time required to obtain the appropriately certified welding will depend on your experience level and the certification itself. It is also essential to know that you may be required to obtain a license. Some states and municipalities require welders to become both certified and licensed to work.


Welding jobs are crucial for every part of the community. In fact, the demand for welders will only grow over the next ten years, which means the jobs will be reliable in the future, too!

If you are thinking of starting your lucrative career in welding or upgrading your skills to qualify for a new position, PTTI is one of the best welding trade schools in Philadelphia. Not only will the program help you grow and develop skills, but you will also learn in an easy and fun way. Therefore, know what you want and carve out the space that’s right for you. Get started today!

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