Job Role: Concrete Framing Technician

A concrete framing technician is a professional who deals with the usage of concrete based on various applications. These technicians mainly handle the responsibilities after the concrete has been poured and hardened. Even they might also have to inspect the overall result of the project. A good education is crucial to evolving as a concrete framing technician.

Job Duties Of A Concrete Technician

Indeed, technology upgrades at every stage. A technician might maintain to be up-to-date when it comes to new techniques for using concrete. Apart from that, they ought to be familiar with all the new construction processes and inspecting and testing procedures.

Moreover, at times concrete technician might be responsible for devising new ways of supplying instructions for the project’s progress. They may even have to supervise other people in the field when managing raw materials or managing concrete.

Thus, all these responsibilities assure that the finished product is solid and durable! By joining a reputable masonry school, one can acquire familiarity with all the duties and obligations of a concrete technician.

How Vital Are Accredited Technical College?

Pursuing admission to a specialized technician college is worth it! These colleges deliver a variety of training courses at exhilarating rates. Nowadays, the program is worth around $20,000 approximately.

You can actually apply for scholarships and additional financial plans as well. This way, you will be capable of enjoying maximum discounts compared to the original price.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to choose an accredited technical college when seeking such fields. Thus, this is because such colleges deliver advanced strategies to help people grasp in-depth knowledge about their field.

A degree from an excellent concrete training institute can double your probability of getting a good job. Today, there are numerous top technical colleges in Philadelphia. The procedures related to pursuing admission in such institutions are also relatively easy!

How To Become a Concrete Technician?

If you’re curious about becoming a Concrete Technician, one of the foremost things to consider is how considerable education you need. According to the BLS survey, 40% of Concrete Technicians have a bachelor’s degree. Plus, 5% of Concrete Technicians have master’s degrees in higher education.

Picking the right major is always an essential step when researching how to become a Concrete Technician. You may discover that experience in other jobs will help you become a Concrete Technician. Numerous Concrete technician jobs require experience in a role like a Cashier. On the other hand, many Concrete Technicians also have previous career experience in Technician or Heavy Equipment Operator roles.

Future Of The Concrete Industry

When the concrete industry progresses, other industries develop as well. Therefore, one will gradually be able to see various developments in transportation and infrastructure. Due to the overall movement of goods, technology, and people, the construction industry is sure to bloom by 2030. Thus, this way, it contributes to the overall development of any nation!

Indeed, one can opt for any career in the construction field. However, the highest job status in the construction industry is that of a construction manager. Apart from that, pipefitters, masons, and welders are other highly paid professionals in this industry!

Although it isn’t difficult to seek construction training programs, it may get challenging to find the best one. Due to the vastness of the construction field, an apprentice will have something new to learn every day. Apart from that, one will also master many new skills during their career journey! However, the ability to multi-task may be way more beneficial!

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Salary Prospects Of Concrete Framing Technicians

Concrete Technicians in the U.S.A make average earnings of $50,921 per year or $22 per hour. The top 10 percent make over $61,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent are under $34,000.

Concrete Technicians having a bachelor’s degree earn more than those without, at $50,574 annually. With an Associate degree, Concrete Technicians make a median annual income of $47,979. On the other, Concrete Technicians with a High School Diploma degree earn $40,911.


Despite the concrete industry advancing, the workforce participation rate is approximately 15%. This pattern is predicted to continue until 2028. Today, many people work in Allegheny West, Broad Street, Woodland Avenue, Cheltenham Avenue, and Ogontz avenue.

Indeed, your career as a concrete technician will bloom with patience and hard work. You can also move along with the construction industry at quite an exhilarating pace. Thus, consider enrolling in advanced construction training today!

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