Life of a Student in Construction Program – Concrete, Framing & Masonry

A construction worker’s job includes working on construction sites under site supervisors and performing on-site tasks. And other things like assisting in operating construction machinery, collecting and transporting debris from the ground level to where construction is being carried (loading and unloading), and constructing buildings and monuments. To be skilled in the job, a person needs to have joined a construction training program in a construction school. These construction training programs engrave in students the requisite skills and hands-on experience that help them to become successful builders. In addition, these framing classes try their best to install necessary practical experience within their students, which allows them to go ahead in their future.

How much does a Construction Worker make?

According to research done by, the average salary of a construction laborer is $16.07 per hour in the United States, which counts to $385.68 per day, which is astounding. A person pursuing a career in construction will always be economically satisfied by his job, and that’s what a job is meant for.

What are the skills required to become a Master Constructor?

student in the construction training program
To excel in any profession, a person is always expected to have specific skills that make his work ‘desired for’ in the market and recognized. This, too, goes well with the construction business. The industry is pretty demanding, and there are specific skills that a person should possess to be successful. These are:

  • Physical Endurance

A construction worker’s job is physically demanding. Therefore, a substantial amount of strength and stamina is required for performing tasks on a job site. For example, around 50 percent of construction jobs are heavy lifting and physical strength. This signifies how vital physical force is to this business.

  • Good at Maths and Reading

Construction workers are expected to have a working knowledge of math and geometry to compute building materials. In addition, maintain track of measurements because a construction job is more than just manual labor. Reading is also an essential skill because construction workers must deal with plenty of documentation.

  • Hand-eye Coordination

Construction workers must possess hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Construction jobs require sitting and standing for long hours and need moving arms and legs quickly, simultaneously, and accurately.

How to become a Certified Constructor Worker?

construction training in construction school in Philadelphia
The initial step to getting into the construction industry is to complete high school and then get their certification management degree done from a construction school.

These construction management degrees engrave in you the best skills to meet the demands of the construction industry. In addition, these programs ensure a level of competency in their graduates, commensurate with the requirements of any standards in the industry.

When you complete a Masonry, Framing & Concrete Certification Program from a certified institute, you’ll get paid to do what you love and choose it as your dream profession.

Life of a Student in a Construction Training Program

The Campus Services that students receive in certification construction include Financial Aid, Flexible Class Schedule, Hands-on Training in our lab, Professional Development, Snacks/Refreshments Served Daily, Resume, Building & Mock Interviews. The students learn in an equally demanding environment as the real-life situations and thus get ready for the extreme conditions to follow.

Course Insight

  • Concreting Safety
  • Blueprint Reading and Shop Math
  • Drainage
  • Retrofits and Add-ons
  • Concrete Applications in Real Life
  • Externship
  • Introduction to Foundations
  • Wall Construction
  • Floor Construction
  • Bricklaying


The construction training programs offered by construction schools provide an excellent learning environment for the students. After completing the certification construction course, the graduates adapt to working in the construction business, and life becomes way too easy then.

These training programs are very affordable and have adapted themselves to the needs of their students. Moreover, the educators and instructors are extremely helpful and ready for doubts and discussions with their students. To be a successful construction worker, it thus becomes imperative to join a construction training program and let your future shine.

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