Philadelphia – Let’s Fight Covid-19 together

BDCC will be administering the COVID-19 Vaccine in THE COMMUNITY for PHASE 1B

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PTTI is coordinating local efforts to respond to the challenges faced by student and staff health, admissions issues, and the longer-term impact on students. This page offers resources and information on Covid-19 for students in Philadelphia, answers to frequently asked questions, and details of how we can help the communities during this difficult time.

At the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute-PTTI, we fully understand the impact that COVID-19 is having on you emotionally and economically. As you are aware, this pandemic virus is also affecting our global and local economies. PTTI management team reviews and follows all local, state, and federal recommendations daily to keep you informed on how to stay safe at home and when you have to go out in public.

COVID-19 Vaccine Update

As the Philadelphia Department of Public Health – COVID-19 Vaccine Program rolls out across local pharmacies, clinics, and urgent care all unaffiliated healthcare workers who reside within Philadelphia city limits can register to receive COVID-19 vaccine. All Healthcare workers should visit this address:

For residents seeking vaccination, we recommend that you sign up for COVIDReadi – choose “Pre-Commitment for a Vaccination.” 

Signing up has these benefits:

  • You’ll receive updates about the status of vaccine administration across the city.
  • You’ll be the first to know when people in your phase will get their vaccine.
  • You’ll help PFC and the city plan where to set up clinics — expediting the rollout across the city.

This alert system was created by Philly Fighting COVID (PFC) through a partnership with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. Below is more background about vaccine distribution in Philadelphia and a link to the PDPH website to keep an eye on for vaccine information and updates.

At this time, the sites being used for vaccine distribution are only open to phase 1A healthcare workers by appointment, and beginning this week, some limited appointments for those in phase 1B.  As supply increases and Philadelphia receives more vaccine allocation, there will be more information about how people may obtain their vaccinations. We appreciate your interest in getting vaccinated and encourage you to keep checking the website to see when more information about the next phases of distribution is available.

Call the PDPH COVID-19 hotline at 215-685-5488 for further questions and concerns.

These lines are available:

  • Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM (EST)
  • Saturday – Sunday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EST)

We recommend keeping an eye on the below link as they will be the first places new information on the vaccine is posted: Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) COVID-19 Vaccines

Important Notice from the Director regarding Hands-on Training:

Due to PTTI complying with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) mandates by PA Governor Wolf, Philadelphia Mayor Kinney, and the PA Department of Education, the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute (PTTI) has been able to offer limited “hands-on training” for all the skilled trade programs since March 2020. The City of Philadelphia required all Philadelphia high schools, post-secondary institutions, and colleges to close again on December 4, 20

As a PTTI student, you may have graduated OR you are taking classes online
daily. I recognize that you have experienced an interruption to your hands-on training.

Today, I am giving you my commitment that as soon as PTTI reopens on January 4, 2020, your instructor will notify you individually when your hands-on training will begin for as long as you need and at no additional cost.

Your training completion and your career success are our #1 goal!

Sherman Mcleod
President – PTTI

Bags Of Food For Ptti Students:

PTTI is pleased to offer bags of food three (3) days a week to our current students every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12 pm to 3 pm. at 1901 West Girard Avenue, side entrance near the 20th Street parking lot.

The bags of food will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

You must wear a mask and use 6 ft. social distancing to be in compliance with the State’s COVID-19 mandate.

Giddion McCloud and his staff will give you the bags of food contact-free and it will be pre-bagged.

If you need to also obtain food from a local food pantry, you can call the 311 telephone number for the City of Philadelphia. The 311 representatives can direct you to a food pantry near your home.

Advice & Actions from PTTI:

  • Avoid Large Gatherings when you are outside and on the campus
  • Any student/staff with travel history to any COVID-19 affected location or in contact with a person who is Positive- COVID-19, in the last 28 days should quarantine themselves for 14 days.
  • Faculty will be alert towards any student showing symptoms ie. Fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing will be tested immediately.
  • Till advised by treating doctors the student needs to join via online classes only.
  • Staff and students should be advised about simple public health measures of hand and respiratory hygiene.
  • Wearing masks would be essential at all times.
  • Frequently touched surfaces like knobs, switches, desktops will be sanitized frequently.
  • Staff and students must follow CDC public health guidelines.  Refer to the PTTI memorandum sent to all students in April 2020.

Trusted Sources of Information

Trusted & Reliable Sources for information on Corona Virus wrt to Philadelphia


Philadelphia Official:

For further assistance concerning the spread, impact of the disease, and impacting News: Please contact the team at PTTI.