Various Jobs One Can Opt For After Pipe Fitting Training

There are an incredible amount of advantages when researching a career in pipe fitting training. First, the demand for this career is exceptionally high. Not only does it pay a decent salary, but the demand will never run out because people and corporations will always need professionals to fix their plumbing systems. And there are various careers one can pursue after pipe fitting training.
If you consider entering into the plumbing field, one wants to have a common idea of the diversity of fascinating plumbing-related construction career paths that one can take. After all, each choice compels numerous training that you should withstand before practicing your chosen vocation.

What is a Pipefitter?

Pipefitters initiate fittings and pipes that transport air, steam, and water, as well as other kinds of liquids and gases. This means figuring out what materials are required for a particular job and getting them in the appropriate quantities and sizes.
One of the main discrepancies between pipefitters vs. plumbers is the number of pipes they work on. Plumbers generally work in homes and residential houses. The pipes are smaller and usually made of steel, plastic, or copper.

Pipefitters verge to function in industrial environments like power plants and factories, so the pipes are more significant and made of steel or stainless steel. Here the seven types of career paths are there in this section.


Training in the best plumbing schools industry will equip you to become a plumbing technician, amateur or state-licensed plumber. You will fulfill a broad array of customers with commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

You attain the adequate knowledge and abilities expected to install or retain numerous water systems. Not only that, but you are also responsible for the advancement and installation of some appliances like sinks, showerheads, and even water-using equipment.

As a technician, you will be responsible for interpreting plumbing issues and supervising customers toward a hopeful decision. For example, if someone needs a sudden water heater repair, a plumber will acknowledge their requirements very promptly.


Once you determine to take a more technical approach to plumb training, you may prepare yourself to become a pipefitter. In the pipefitters training center, trainees use saws, drills, and welding torches to connect pipes. When they are completed, pipefitters conduct pressure tests to ensure their task is watertight and airtight.

With the help of a wide variety of skills encompassing plumbing safety and installation methods, you are duty-bound to accomplish maintenance and installation of piping in power and industrial plants. As a pipefitter, you need to monitor power generation and heating or cooling systems. You will also operate on the system installations for automated supervisions to govern the configurations.

pipefitters training center


The training for steamfitters is identical to the training aimed at pipefitters. However, the only distinction is that you must take specialist training to become a certified steamfitter. The substantial part of this job is the installation of pipes for the conveyance of high-pressure gas materials. These training sessions are given in steam fitting school.


Another technical type of pipefitters is the pipelayers. Once you complete your training, you will be in charge of some necessary pipework. First, you dig and level the canals for the pipes and then lay those pipes in the canals.

Remember, the pipes you will be operating with deliver drainage, gas, sewer, and water systems. Also, these pipes are made of different materials, including clay, cement, and iron.

Gas Service Technician

When it comes to transmitting gas throughout a site, a competent gas technician will be the accountable person for the job. Likewise, homeowners and business proprietors will call for a gas technician to repair and replace faulty appliances.

With technical equipment, you will scan for gas leaks and, more importantly, perform tests about exhibits and other control mechanisms. In other words, these experts have specializations in gas mechanisms related operations.

Project Managers

The plumbing industry also needs project managers who will be accountable for conducting a group of employees. If you want to sharpen yourself as a manager, you may need to go through a specific plumbing course to comprehend management skills.

In most cases, a plumbing apprenticeship program manager will oversee the day-to-day undertakings of their members. You will also make sure that all laborers are doing their jobs well without adjusting the quality of their work.

Business owner

Many plumbers transition into owning their own companies. Being a business owner, you have to undergo extra training sessions in all plumbing areas to be knowledgeable and skillful about all practices.

As an owner, you have a massive obligation to ensure that all your plumbers retain the right combination of aptitude and techniques to get the jobs done. Also, you may compel yourself to go through some business management courses to make sure you get a profitable operation of your business. Lastly, you will be in charge of all the employees within the company to carry out their occupations in the plumbing field.


There is an enormous spectrum of plumbing opportunities that are accessible to those that want to pursue pipe fitting training as a career. With so many people retiring in the force every year, you have a brilliant career path ahead of you by preferring to be a plumber. Due to numerous reasons causing a high demand in the skilled trades, there’s an alarming demand for young and competent plumbing professionals making it an accurate career option to take after graduation.

By contemplating the several kinds of career paths embarked on in this article, we hope you will find the right plumbing professional that suits your future the best. You need to make sure to inspect all of the training and education resources that have to offer on the plumber training program from various cities like Spring garden, Wynnfield Heights, Overbook Park, Wynnfield, Mill Creek, Haverford North, West Powelton, Mantua, and how to pursue your career in this field.

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