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If you are a plumber, chances are you have been through quite a bit and have been in skilled situations where a particular tool or equipment is in a critical situation. But if you are not yet a plumber or in a plumbing job but hope one day to be one, you likely have not had some of these situations yet and might not have the foresight to bring this tool or that to the plumbing job site. Of course, knowing exactly what tool you will need in a given situation is always hard, but you will need a solid toolkit that includes your most trusted trade instruments. Read on to learn about the tools and equipment required to learn by a plumbing student.

Pipe Wrench

This serves as a plumber’s largest wrench. Plumbers use this heavy equipment to loosen and tighten nuts and fittings on pipework. They generally use two of these wrenches together, one to hold a pipe in place and the other wrench to rotate the nut or to fit in the proper direction. Pipe wrenches come in different lengths, and prepared plumbers during plumbing training typically work with a whole set of these tools.

Basin Wrench

This wrench is T-shaped equipment plumbers use specifically to work on faucets. The clamp-like method on one end of these wrenches enables plumbers to reach into narrow spaces and tighten or loosen the nuts that keep the faucets working.

Adjustable Wrench

This wrench loosens and tightens hexagonal nuts and fittings on pipes. Adjustable wrenches come in numerous sizes, but plumbers in the plumbing program most frequently have the six and ten-inch versions on hand.

Faucet Key

It is not a traditional wrench but a vital part of any plumbing equipment list. Faucet keys are X-shaped tools designed to open and close sillcocks and spigots. In addition, there are versatile models on the market for various stem fittings.


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Plumbers use hacksaws to cut through different types of hardware, including nuts, pipes, bolts, and screws. This is difficult work, and plumbers need to secure their blades tightly. Therefore, a hole saw is also a beneficial addition to the toolkit.

Tube And Plastic Pipe Cutters

If you are a trade expert who regularly deals with copper or plastic piping, you know you will eventually require to replace, remove, and resize them. However, there are a collection of the handheld tube and pipe cutters on the market, so novice and veteran plumbers in plumbing courses alike can select which models work best for them.

Plumber’s Torch

Several plumbers seal copper piping by soldering it. You require heat to solder. Plumber’s torches are handheld tools that enable plumbers to apply severe heat in precise areas, soldering and sealing new piping for replacements and installations. They are a must-have tool for any plumbing equipment list.


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Similar to wrenches, plumbers use pliers daily. These smaller tools are among the best equipment for plumbers because they let professionals tighten and loosen bolts and nuts too small for a wrench to grip. Moreover, they fit easily in a plumber’s hand to squeeze into tight areas where a wrench would not fit.


Several homeowners own sink and toilet plungers, but plumbers should come equipped with them in plumber education and training. In addition, trade professionals should be prepared with heavy-duty flange and cup plungers of various sizes, which produce more suction than the average consumer plunger.

Press Fitting Systems

Connecting pipes securely is essential to any plumbing project’s success. Iron Pipe Size press-fitting systems physically press a connection onto a pipe to produce a tight connection or seal. As a result, they save plumbers money and time because plumbers can make connections with them in less time than it takes to weld the pipes.

Hand Auger

A hand auger is a handheld, circular device that enables plumbers to drive a cable deep down a drain to break apart and clear clogs through a hand crank. This technology has come a long way over the years, and there are several models and capabilities on the market for plumbing training program to consider as part of their plumbing equipment list. A drain auger or drain snake should be enough for smaller drains.

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