Press Release: Juvenile Justice Department Awards $994,000 to Empower Philadelphia Technician Training Institute

The Juvenile Justice Department donated $994,000 to the Philadelphia Technician Training Institute (PTTI). This grant is an essential step toward community growth and youth development by providing skilled trades training and employment opportunities in Philadelphia.

The donation was granted at a historic ceremony attended by Pennsylvania Senator Sharif Street. Senator Street is a member of the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing and the Joint Legislative Air and Water Pollution and Conservation Committee.

This contribution focuses on the joint efforts of government organizations and training institutions to provide essential job skills to community youths. With assistance from the Juvenile Justice Department, Philadelphia’s young people will gain cutting-edge knowledge and skills needed for skilled trades professions.

The government aid will help in the development of skilled trades training programs. These programs help individuals develop job-ready skills, hands-on practical training, faster entry into the competitive workforce, and greater job security in the rapidly evolving skilled trades industry.

“Philadelphia Technician Training Institute(PTTI) president and founder Sherman McLeod said, ‘We would like to acknowledge the Juvenile Justice Department’s philanthropy to our institution. This contribution will help us give our students excellent, modern training.

The $994,000 contributions will finance an expansion of the trainee center, develop a high-end learning process, and grant scholarships for students in need. This will strengthen the link between education and the workforce community and ensure the youth have the professional technical training they need.

Through a co-effort between the Juvenile Justice Agency and PTTI, both institutions will promote positive development and create job opportunities for the disadvantaged youth in Philadelphia.

About Philadelphia Technician Training Institute (PTTI):

Philadelphia Technical Training Institute (PTTI) is a prominent technical training institute that focuses on providing in-demand skilled trades training. By employing state-of-the-art facilities, industry experts, and training, PTTI empowers people to make a career in today’s skilled trade workforce.

About Juvenile Justice Department:

The Juvenile Justice Department promotes public safety and positive youth development through the utilization of effective programs and services. Together with community members and stakeholders, the department works relentlessly to ensure that at-risk kids get help to turn their lives around.

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