Prime Duties of Black Youth in Philadelphia for Development

The world is celebrating the legacy of the black community. And it has been just a few months since Black History Month is getting the deserved respect. Still, black Philadelphians require consistent support and assistance from everyone. Especially black youth can help the entire community to overcome the darkest decades of slavery and discrimination with helpful acts.

The recent activities in Philadelphia would remind the entire world of equity and why it is essential. People fight against racism with full-fledged actions, and ‘Black Lives Matter’ is the ongoing trend that the world has witnessed. Accordingly, this will be one of the most significant movements in the history of the United States.

Africans under the enslavement of Europeans arrived in Philadelphia around 1639. During the slave trade in the 1750s and beyond, Europeans brought enslaved Africans to this area every year.

Later, American Revolutions took place, and the black community got free from enslavement. Still, the black community has been experiencing discrimination and racism issues in the 21st century. Let’s see how black youth can help the community grow and uplift.

Recent Life-Statistics of Black Community in Philadelphia

When observing closely, the demographic details have changed significantly in Philadelphia compared to the last thirty years. But, surprisingly, the population of the black community has remained almost stable. About 41 percent of the total number of citizens of Philadelphia. So, you can imagine that the black community possesses nearly half of the population in Philadelphia.

According to the survey conducted in 2018, the rate of graduates among black youth was 60.6 percent. Whereas the graduation rate was 85.1 percent among Asian Philadelphians. And, the black Philadelphians remain at the second-lowest position when it comes to graduation and education.

On the other hand, the black community could secure only 24.5% of the counselor force. And district’s teachers in 2019, while the white community achieved 66.5%. It’s a shocking statement that only 28% of black Philadelphians, who are under 25 years, possess a bachelor’s degree.

The labor force participation percentage for the black community is not so promising. The employment percentage for black people in the labor force was 59% in 2018.

At the same time, the unemployment rate was 13.8% for people aging 16 years and beyond. The poverty rate was 29.4 percent for overall black Philadelphians. And it was 38 percent for black children, whereas the poverty rate for white children was 15.9%.

In criminal justice cases, the number of black people under crime sentences has reduced. However, the total rate of black Philadelphians has increased from 67.5 percent to 69.8 percent in the last few years.

What can Black Youth in Philadelphia do to Help the Community?

black youth is Philadelphia help the community through education

Philadelphia citizens organized peaceful protests against racial discrimination and police brutality. While other communities are equally helping the black community to overcome all the struggles.

The black youth is similarly responsible for upgrading the community and its condition. The black community in Philadelphia has started numerous businesses. You can notice countless restaurants, boutiques, and other organizations owned by black people here.

According to the latest survey, almost 79 percent of black Philadelphians have suffered from a housing crisis. However, when it comes to healthy behaviors, black Philadelphians are doing great compared to white ones. For example, they have scored better in cigarette smoking, drinking, and e-vapor usage.

However, here is some help that black youth can initiate to help the entire black community. Thus, supporting a black youth indicates that the act directly supports the community’s development.

Donations to Community and Non-Profit Bodies

Police brutality and court injustice have become two focused issues. Philadelphia Bail Fund is a renowned organization that helps get bail for people who cannot afford it. Especially, the organization assists those people in the black community.

Additionally, several non-profit organizations have demanded a conclusion to police violence. That has been active for some time back against the black community.

In addition to this, there are several legal foundations, such as Amistad Law Project and Up Against The Law Legal Collective. These are trustworthy organizations to make your contributions to a noble cause.

Meanwhile, the Philadelphia Black Giving Circle reflects the idea of having a greater impact when people collectively donate to it. African Family Health Organization and ACLU are other organizations that you can trust. ACLU is responsible for spreading education and helping in litigation, advocacy, and other civil rights to the black community.

As a member of the black community, one can ask for legal help from these organizations to set up a business. On the other hand, one can offer them support through monetary contributions, marketing, or design aspects. Stay updated with their upcoming events by following these organizations’ social media platforms.

Encourage Black-led Businesses to Flourish

black community has started businesses to help the communityPhiladelphia is the city where sumptuous foods are in demand. Hence, one can experience countless restaurants and bars across the city. And, if you want to help the black community, then supporting their businesses is a bonus for them. Well, you can find at least one black-owned restaurant at almost every corner of Philadelphia.

Whatever your favorite cuisine is, from typical American to the Mediterranean, everything is available in the city’s restaurants. Also, consider take-out or dine-ins across the restaurants of Philadelphia. These restaurants and bars also help build the black community strong.

All your favorite dishes are waiting at black-owned restaurants. You can even request food delivery from these restaurants. The local delivery service from the black community is 24/7 available at your service. Black and Mobile is the exclusive delivery partner for restaurants owned by black people.


Black entrepreneurs have come across fantastic business ideas. The black community encourages new businesses in fashion, accessories, jewelry, and wellness commodities. These products and services are available both offline and online. So, you can check out your favorite sweatshirt and sneakers from black-empowered fashion businesses.

Beauty products, including accessories and jewelry, are worth shopping for from these businesses and stores. Moreover, the October Gallery situated in Germantown encourages black artists.

Additionally, Urban Art Gallery showcases the art pieces of contemporary black artists. The art gallery also offers free music, art, and chess programs. These all are initiatives to engage the people of color and educate the community.

As a responsible black youth, you can support all these business ideas and initiatives. You can participate in the activities to boast the entire community. Additionally, one can avail of self-care from the wellness centers. You’ll be helping those businesses and getting pampering therapies from these well-care centers.

More Ways to Assist & Help the Community….

Apart from the support mentioned above and donations to the organizations. You can help the several voices raised against the discrimination against the black community. Philadelphia Student Union and Parents United for Public Education are a few examples of them. You can donate to these organizations and follow them on different digital platforms to show your constant support.

Further, getting a good education is fundamental to help become a capable youth. Career-oriented education can help the community grow and secure a stable future. Thus, every step a black youth takes towards progress directly impacts the well-being and development of the entire community.

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