Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Sterile Processing Technician

In order to function in the healthcare industry, the occupation of sterile processing tech offers an excellent quick way. These technicians equip excellent practical knowledge to a crucial department in every hospital. Sterile processing tech undoubtedly serves hospitals well. Nonetheless, it is significant to know the pros and cons of this profession.

What Is A Sterile Processing Technician?

Sterile processing technicians are a specialist who disinfects equipment and tools in a surgical environment. They organize surgical units for scheduled and emergency surgeries. They utilize special sterile equipment like autoclaves to decontaminate reusable surgical tools.

Sterile process technicians also look after a hospital’s hygiene resources. They even track the location of sterile tools. Moreover, they’re accountable for handling their professional equipment and may schedule repairs as and when required.

Pros Of Being A Sterile Process Technician

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  • A sterile processor holds more prominent liberty from dreaded administrator duties. They take orders and inventory merchandise and write reports and budgets for the hospitals. Moreover, these technicians regularly check emails and reply to emails and many administrative duties.
  • The sterile tech holds an excellent practical knowledge of surgical instruments. The SPD technicians maintain surgical instruments in the clinical area. They function as the managers, supervisors, and even the full-time instrument specialist at the hospitals.
  • The SPD technicians promote team fellowship and tighter bonds. This is because they serve the SPD team to serve the patient ultimately. There is a hierarchy and consequent social separation between SPD leaders and technicians.
  • The sterile technician has a greater chance of even “having a life” outside of work. They get the freedom away from work. They know how to manage things with the help of sterile processing technician programs.
  • The pay scale of the sterile processor changes depending on your location. However, the amount grows as you get more years of experience in this industry. So considering this profession might turn out to be the lucrative one.
  • The SPD technicians are called the hospital assets. When a hospital’s SPD is short, the surgeries would be in trouble. It is advisable to get on-the-job training in sterile processing before beginning a career in this field..
  • The job role of a sterile technician demands patience, thorough understanding, precision, caution, and hands-on work experience. You must read and follow the instructions provided by the healthcare professionals to keep safe. Further, you have to keep infection-free tools and equipment ready to be used for surgery.

Cons Of Being A Sterile Process Technician

  1. The sterile techs have to take the job seriously, and for that, they must take sterilization technician training. You must not operate in an environment that does not provide adequate respect to you and your profession.

If the facility treats you like your opinion doesn’t matter, then there is no point in working in that surroundings. There are departments and hospitals out there that will provide you with the necessary value and respect you deserve. Don’t feel bad for going out and examining them.

  1. As a sterile processing technician, you will not be working at the front desk, but performing behind the scenes. You would work in sterile healthcare hospitals, departments, and laboratories.

Directly you would not be dealing with the patients but with the doctors as well as nurses. The role is critical and you need to ensure the safety of hospital equipment.

  1. The sterile processing role can sometimes cause unreasonable amounts of burnout, stress, or depression. Don’t be scared to hit the eject button. The industry always welcomes new technicians every day with central service technician certification. You should always have your best interest at heart, especially regarding mental health.

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  1. The heart of sterile processing technicians is patient safety. Some situations occur in every department, which can dramatically undermine the safety of patients under care. Suppose you are in a facility that denies giving you the tools, training, or support.

It may be worth staying fighting, but your decision to quit may again be the wake-up call. Do what you things work the best for you.


The life of a sterile processing tech is sure to be quite challenging. They have to run each day in the hospitals and clinics. Though there are many pros and cons of this industry but considering a career in this field is amazingly flourishing.

You can opt for sterile processing training programs to resolve problems in a medical environment. By gaining practical exposure, you and your patients will remain safe.

Now you have realized why to join the sterile processing industry. There is a high demand for medical technicians, so this is a great field to enter. Thus, consider this trade today, and see your future bloom!

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