Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Construction Manager

Job interviews can be very stressful for both the company and new hires. Hiring managers must make a good choice of who to hire, given the kinds of projects they generally do and the team. Here is a list of questions an interviewer to ask managers in a construction job. With any interview, some general questions cover the fundamentals and can set the right tone for the interview process for a construction job. These questions are asked nonetheless of the role and can be essential in determining a fit for the company.

How Did You End Up In Your Recent Role?

This question provides interviewers an insight into a candidate’s trajectory and sometimes their objectives. It can be an excellent question, especially if their resume appears short or they are aspiring to become a construction project manager in construction training.

What Are Some Of Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

This question can enable interviewers to determine whether the person has insight into what makes them great construction workers. A candidate that does not answer the question is frequently seen as lacking self-awareness, which can be a significant problem in a team environment.

How Would You Define Your Ideal Work Setting?

The interviewer knows the firm, they know the culture, and this question can assure that the interviewee will accommodate to their culture and company. For example, if the manager is looking for flexible hours, but that is not something the firm does, then both of you might end up disappointed.

What Size And Type Of Projects Have You Built?

If the person has only functioned on one size or type of project and is unfamiliar with the type or size of projects you generally build, they might require more training or oversight when hired. This can be a great deciding question if you are between two very qualified candidates for a construction site.

How Do You Prioritize Tasks?

A manager is responsible for prioritizing all tasks within the construction project. Therefore, it can be a bad indication if they are uncertain or unfamiliar with prioritizing tasks.

What Are The Initial Steps In Planning a Construction Project?

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As it is a construction project manager job position, they should understand how to plan a construction project. Therefore, have a candidate go through the initial steps of planning a project and ask elucidating questions to assess their knowledge adequately.

How Do You Form A Team For A Construction Project?

This question provides interviewers an insight into what the construction project manager values in a team. As a result, the interviewers can adequately understand how they manage a team in the construction training program and potentially what people they work well with.

Which Project Management Equipment Are You Familiar With? Which Equipment Would You Prefer And Why?

It showcases the construction project managers’ familiarity with technology in construction classes. It can indicate whether or not they are comfortable with technology if they appear uncomfortable, which can be a disadvantage for a forward-thinking company. They might need extra training with your provider if they are unfamiliar with the software you use.

How Would You Deal With A Worker Disregarding Your Instructions About Their Role In The Project?

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This is a very straightforward question; many hope they will never experience this problem. Whether a worker denies using the software or something identical, knowing how someone will react or what they have found works in the past is significant.

Have You Experienced Conflict With Seniors? How Did You Deal With It?

Some people have never experienced conflict. It could be a good or bad thing. Someone who never experiences conflict could avoid it and give in to other ideas, even if not for the best. Contrarily, someone who shares many disputes in a construction career could be generating it. Knowing how they deal with conflict and if it is a joint event can benefit companies in the interview procedure.

How Do You Approach Leadership?

Some people are excellent leaders, others not so much. Understanding the type and style of leadership can prove valuable when interviewing people for a construction project manager role.

While this is not a thorough list of every question to ask a construction project manager, this will help formulate your interview questions.

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