Quick Tips For An Effective Masonry Skill Resume

Masons are construction employees who specialize in laying bricks and functioning with concrete and stone. When applying for a masonry job with a new company, masons require effective resumes to help them prove that they are the ideal candidate for an available masonry job. If you are a mason, you may require to learn how to prepare an effective resume.

As your resume is the most important document, you will submit it in your job search. It is your frontline fighter as it is your first chance to present yourself to an employer. A substantial resume can help you stand out from the crowd; however, a weak resume can prevent you from getting a job. Read in to learn how to write a mason resume to help secure the job.

How To Write A Mason Resume?

Follow these steps to write a resume for a masonry job:

Decide On A Format

Several kinds of resume formats can help you concentrate on different aspects of your resume. Consider choosing a resume format based on your condition. These are three standard formats you can select from:

  • Chronological: If you have a solid or impressive work history, use this resume format, as it concentrates on experience.
  • Functional: This resume format emphasizes abilities, so it is best for those with relevant aptitudes but minimal work experience.
  • Combination: A mixture of chronological and functional, the combination format emphasizes abilities and experience and is best for those making a masonry career transition.

List Your Updated Contact Information

If the hiring team likes your resume application, they need to contact you to set up an interview or collect more information. After you have selected a format for your resume, list your most recent information. At the top of your resume, remember to include your name, phone number, location, and professional email.

Create An Effective Resume Goal

The resume purpose is a section at the top of the document that illustrates who you are and your strengths. Because hiring teams in masonry courses frequently manage many applications at a time, building an effective resume goal is essential. You can include accomplishments, skills, education, and experience in your resume goal.

A masonry student working

List Your Skills

You should highlight your most relevant skills. As masons have extremely technical job duties, they often require hard skills like using hand tools and functioning heavy machinery to pour cement. Masons can also aid from having soft skills, like attention to detail and communication, so it can be helpful to include these on your resume. You should also refer to the job description for the role you want for ideas about which skills to include to create your resume to stand out to employers.

Include Recent Experience

Numerous construction companies value experience, as it implies they can spend less energy and time masonry training a new worker. Creating a section within your resume to emphasize your work experience can show your value to the hiring team. You should include information about the organizations you have worked with and any duties you managed while working with them. For instance, a mason might have experience working with various types of cement or laying bricks for different buildings.

Emphasize Certifications And Licensure

Construction employers may be likely to hire candidates with relevant certifications or licensure. In the mason resume, include any certifications or licenses you have earned in masonry classes during your experience. Consider earning extra certificates if it may enhance your resume or ability to secure a role. These are some relevant masonry licenses and certifications:

  • Masonry Certification (MC)
  • Reinforced Concrete Special Inspector (RCSI)
  • Specialty Flatwork Finisher (SFF)
  • Masonry Laboratory Testing Technician (MLTT)

Add Information About Your Education

Most construction companies do not need masons to attend four-year degree programs or masonry training programs, but education is still a significant section to include on your resume. Numerous construction companies ask that their staff have a minimum high school diploma. You may also need to list trade schools you have attended or any internships you may have completed.

Proofread Your Mason Resume

Before submitting the mason resume, try to ensure that it is error-free and professional. You can ask your colleagues or friends to read through your resume and for formatting problems or spelling errors. You can also download grammar-checking software on your computer to scan the resume. After editing your resume, save it in the file format you use the most.

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