Refer a friend

Our goal has always been to build a better world through the power of education, starting from Philadelphia and we would love you to join this mission of ours.

Know someone who could use PTTI’s courses for a better living? You can assist them and their family in transitioning to a better future through sustainable living and opportunities for employment and career growth.

Refer a friend
Assist your friends and family to have a brighter future and help grow our community.

Helping your friend get into a better tomorrow is as easy as referring them…. Refer a friend today!!!!!

Ways to Refer your Friend or Relative:

Refer your friend to the admission team directly, you can also intimate your instructor or program manager about a reference as well. Make sure to intimate the concerned person that it’s a reference from you.

You can now fill the form on the right-hand side with your referral’s details to Refer a friend… And you are done!

Spread the word….. and Assist your Known ones….

Start sending those referrals today and help the community grow better.