Skilled Trade Jobs: A Practical Career Guide

There are plenty of skilled trade jobs in the USA. Multiple factors influence the skilled worker shortage, but the bottom line is that tradespersons for skilled trade jobs are in demand. With such a high requirement for skilled workers, now is the perfect time to look into and initiate a career in one of the trade jobs.

Why Seek Trade Jobs In Demand?

Trade labor is often mistaken and looked down on. Years of negative stigmas, stereotypes and a 4-year college degree’s peak have led to a shortage of skilled workers.

However, the reality is that trade jobs deliver an excellent career opportunity for those wondering for a high-demand, stable, high-paying job.

The primary reasons you should consider getting into skilled trade jobs in demand are:

1. Skilled Trades Are In High Need

High demand implies lots of openings and possibilities. However, there are about three million unfilled trade jobs, with 450,000 in manufacturing alone.

Companies are looking to hire new employees daily. The recent pandemic and looming baby boomer retirement have also contributed to a tremendous demand for trade laborers. The rise in trade skills is as under:-

  • Carpentry apprentices increased by 35%
  • Plumber apprentices increased by 25%
  • Construction workers increased by 20%

A skilled trade job matches this criteria if you’re searching for a career far from being flooded with qualified employees.

2. Learning Trade Work Is A Good Financial Investment

When people think of trades, they don’t frequently think of money. Nevertheless, the trade career route offers an excellent prospect of saving money and receiving a good paycheck. Once you become an expert in a particular trade, you will earn plenty of money.

Undoubtedly, the scope of skilled trade work is tremendous and essential in every sector and industry. The main thing is to acquire knowledge, which will be an excellent financial investment for you.

3. Saves Your Money

You take out loans or spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 4-year college degree. But on the other hand, becoming a skilled worker often involves only six months of learning trades and a few years of apprenticeship.

Numerous scholarships are available for trade school aspirants, and you get paid during an apprenticeship. As a result, you spend much less on your education with a skilled trade job and start earning money sooner.

vocational certifications

4. Receive A Good Paycheck

The starting salary for various trade jobs is above $50,000/year, and as you gain knowledge, your salary rises. For example, an owner of a plumbing company has numerous employees making six figures, some earning as much as $300,000/year.

In New York, an electrician company pays employees $90/hour or nearly $192,000/year. Of the highest-paid skilled trade jobs for 2022, none make less than $30/hour.

Most people think that trade workers don’t have good pay. Nonetheless, the salary for skilled workers is rising, and the average wage for a skilled worker often exceeds that of other occupations.

5. Trade Jobs Will Always Be Needed

Skilled trade jobs will continue to be essential for the foreseeable future. Moreover, as technology advances, their jobs will always be in demand. Both the manufacturing industries and commercial construction are foreseen to have plenty of job openings over the next decade, with:

  • The construction industry is anticipated to grow by 10%, adding 300,000 new jobs
  • The manufacturing industry predicted to have 3.4 million unfilled jobs

The long-term desire for skilled labor offers job stability. Plus, the job surety increases with vocational certifications for anyone who seeks skilled trade as a career.

The Top Skilled Trade Jobs in Demand

Because there are numerous skilled trade jobs in demand, skilled laborers have many options.

Though what are the most recent in-demand jobs? Here are the skilled trades in demand that you can consider for a stable future.

  • Construction

One of the most noteworthy trade careers is construction work. You can become your boss by investing time and developing the relevant skills to become a constructor.

Likewise, you can work as much as you enjoy and where you want, so security is abundant. Another advantage of being a constructor is having a balance between your work and life.

  • Electricians

Electricians repair, maintain, fix, and install electrical lighting, communication, power, and control operations. On the contrary, some prefer an electrician apprenticeship program covering necessary information on electronics, and safety, followed by a shorter apprenticeship. Electricians who typically finish a trade program may aspire for a shorter apprenticeship to trade jobs.

  • Welding

best trade schools

Amongst the most raised trades in demand, welding is one occupation that checks all the boxes. You set yourself to become a welder, pipefitter, or more by seeking education from the best trade schools.

Indeed, you probably want something that produces enough money and has decent hours. Plus, the job you can drop your teeth into while also getting opportunities for improvement.

The Final Verdict

You can make excellent money by considering the trade jobs in the top trades. You’ll also learn an essential specialized skill set that can move across various fields, understanding quality craftsmanship. Finally, you will be learning jobs where you can be proud of your work daily.

Today many graduates work in high-paying cities, including Powelson Village, north Philadelphia, South Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, and North Philadelphia.

Plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, and automobile technicians all play crucial roles in growth. Enroll in excellent vocational certifications from the best trade schools to grow as a skilled worker.


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